posted Jul 6, 2017, 6:47 AM by Jeannie Browning   [ updated Jul 29, 2017, 8:25 PM ]


President Clinton Lambotte called the special meeting of the Board of Education of Mission Valley USD #330 to order at 7:00 p.m. in the board conference room in Eskridge, Kansas.  Board members present were Tom Phillips, Rex Kraus, Jon Deters, Jim Rudeen and Debbi Childers.  Clipper Goodrich was absent.  The superintendent and board clerk also attended.

Rex Kraus moved, seconded by Tom Phillips, to adopt the agenda as presented.  Motion passed 6 to 0.

Kori Schlesener, newly hired third grade teacher, attended the meeting to introduce herself to the board.

Tom Phillips nominated Clinton Lambotte for President.  Tom Phillips moved, seconded by Debbi Childers, to cease all nominations and cast unanimous ballots for Clinton Lambotte as Board President.  Motion passed 6 to 0.

Jon Deters nominated Debbi Childers for vice-president.  Jon Deters moved, seconded by Tom Phillips, to cease all nominations and cast unanimous ballots for Debbi Childers as Vice-President.  Motion passed 6 to 0.

Tom Phillips nominated Clipper Goodrich for government relations officer.  Tom Phillips moved, seconded by Jon Deters, to cease all nominations and cast unanimous ballots for Clipper Goodrich as government relations officer.  Motion passed 6 to 0.

Rex Kraus moved, seconded by Tom Phillips, to approve all organizational actions for the 2017-18 school year as presented.  Motion passed 6 to 0.  Designations are as follows:

Clerk of the Board Tasha Raine

Board Treasurer Anita Walker

Official Depository 1st National Bank of Harveyville

Official Depository – Active Funds Flint Hills Bank of Eskridge

Bank Reconciliations Mary Hewes

School activity fund executor Brett Fenton – MV Elementary

Rod Hasenbank - MV JH/AD

David Cromer – MV HS

Truancy officers Brett Fenton – Mission Valley Elementary

Rod Hasenbank – Mission Valley JH/AD

David Cromer – Mission Valley HS

Official School attorney Legal assistance from KASB

Official Newspaper Wabaunsee County Signal-Enterprise

Hearing officer free/reduced meal William Clark

application appeals

Child Nutrition Representative Tasha Raine

KPERS Designated Agent Tasha Raine

Mileage reimbursement rate 53.5 cents per mile

Freedom of information officer William Clark

Custodian of Records Tasha Raine-Board & central office records

Brett Fenton - MV K-6 Elementary

Rod Hasenbank – MV 7-8 JH/AD

David Cromer – MV 9-12 HS

Privacy Official/contact person William Clark

Title IX contact person William Clark

Sexual Harassment contact William Clark

Homeless Liaison William Clark

403(b) Plan Manager Tasha Raine

The following annual resolutions were approved (see attached resolutions in their entirety):

  1. Adoption of 1,116 hour calendar

  2. Establish activity funds for student activities at Elementary

  3. Establish activity funds for student activities at Junior High/High School

  4. Permission to destroy old records

  5. Adoption of early payment request policy

  6. Annual GAAP waiver

  7. Establish home rule

  8. Establish date, time and location of regular meetings

  9. Establish petty cash funds for the district office in the amount of $1500

  10. Establish petty cash funds at elementary in the amount of $500

  11. Establish petty cash funds at junior high/high school in the amount of $800

  12. Establish petty cash funds for special education in the amount of $300

  13. Rescinding all policy statements found in board minutes

  14. Establish bus speed limits (safety resolution)

The following fees, lunch and breakfast prices were established for the 2017-18 school year:

Consumable fees Textbook fees

Preschool $20.00 $  0.00

Kindergarten $35.00 $  0.00

Grades 1-2 $45.00 $20.00

Grades 3-6 $40.00 $25.00

Grades 7-8 $30.00 $45.00

Grades 9-12 $25.00 $50.00

Lunch Breakfast Milk

Prices Prices

K-6 $2.70 $1.60 $0.50

7-8 $2.80 $1.70 $0.50

9-12 $2.90 $1.85 $0.50

Adults $3.75 $2.35 $0.50

Fees for copies of records as per KORA at the rate of 15 cents per copy for copies of records.  In addition to the cost of copying, a rate of $25 per hour will be charged for any time spent beyond 20 minutes by the custodian of records for research of the requested records.

Building use fees will be $50 plus $15 per hour, with the exception of the gymnasium(s), kitchen, or commons, which will be charged at the rate of $25 per hour.  Civic organizations such as Scouts, 4-H clubs, PTO, charitable organizations or non-profit educational organizations are exempt from paying fees.  If the group or organization qualifies for exemption for paying fees, there will be no charge for admission.  This includes donations, or any method of soliciting funds.  Applications for use of facilities may be picked up at the building or district office and are subject to approval.

The following board policy update (as recommended by KASB) was presented for review by the Board: DFAC (Federal Fiscal Compliance).  Approval will be made at the regular July 2017 board meeting.  

An estimate from PCI was reviewed for the installation of an exhaust fan in the chemistry room.

The Superintendent discussed the schools special interest funds, after meeting with Mr. Hoelting with Flint Hills Bank it was decided to stay with the current interest rate calculation.

Rex Kraus moved, seconded by Tom Phillips, to approve the 2017-18 supplemental positions as presented and recommended and to approve the hiring of John Bergin as Head JH Basketball Coach and Matt Bisnett as Assistant HS Football Coach and Assistant JH Basketball Coach.  Motion passed 6 to 0.

Jim Rudeen moved, seconded by Tom Phillips, to adjourn the meeting.  Motion passed 6 to 0. Meeting adjourned at 7:28 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Tasha Raine

Board Clerk