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Ms. Lisa Everett - Kindergarten

Ms. Everett


This week in our Classroom . . .

Theme: Summer

Letters:  Review:  Yy, Zz, Qu, Jj

Sight Words:   Review of: me, where, with, my

Math:   Money
Fun Things  are Happening in Kindergarten!

    Last Tuesday was our 100th day of school!  My class did many fun things to celebrate the day.  We began by reading "Miss Bindergarten's 100th Day of Kindergarten."  And then we did all of the things that the kindergarten class from the story did.  Miss Bindergarten asked her students to bring 100 things.  I did the same and we drew pictures of what everyone brought, as well as counted the items.  We also did a fun page titled "I could eat 100 ____" as they did in the story.  I had lots of kids choose "pizza" as the thing they could eat 100 of.  We did a special math activity of coloring certain numbers on a 100 chart.  When we were done, the colored boxes made the number 100.  The kids really enjoyed that!  We did 100 sit-ups, push-ups or jumping jacks like they did in the story.  Miss Everett even joined in and the kids thought that was great.  For writing, we had our 2nd grade reading buddies come over and help us write number sentences on hearts.  When we were done, we hung the 100 hearts over our carpet area like they did in the story.  Many students commented that it looks like "it's raining hearts."  And finally, we ate 100 things for snacks and had 100 day punch!  What a great day!  Thanks to all parents who helped send the special snacks!


Upcoming Events
  • Friday, May 12th - Last Day of School
  • May 15-17 - Teacher Inservice

                                                   Daily Schedule                                             
      7:40-7:55      Opening Activity
      7:55-8:00      P.A.L. (Pledge, Attendance, Lunch Count)
      8:00-8:10       Morning Message & P.A. Warm-Up
      8:10-8:25       Calendar (Library: Thursday)
      8:25-8:30      Phonemic Awareness
      8:30-9:00      Phonics
      9:00-9:30      Theme (Tu, Th) / Art (M) / Free Play (W)
      9:30-9:45      Sharing Literature
      9:45-10:30     Interventions
    10:30-10:35     Change PE Shoes
    10:35-11:00      PE
    11:00-11:25      Music
    11:25-11:35     READ
    11:30-11:40     Change PE Shoes/Bathroom Break
    11:40-12:05     Lunch
    12:05-12:25    Recess
    12:25-12:35    Bathroom Break
    12:35-1:05      Rest Time
    1:05-1:45        Math
    1:45-2:00        Sight Word (M, W) / Vocabulary (Tu, Th)
    2:00-2:15        Recess
    2:15-2:35        Snacks/Story
    2:35-3:00        Writing
    3:00-3:20        Science or Social Studies / Library (Th)
    3:20-3:30        Pack Up
    3:30                 Dismissal
    All About Me

    My name is Lisa Everett and I am one of the Kindergarten teachers at Mission Valley Elementary. I grew up in Cedar Vale, which is a small town in southern Kansas. I attended Cowley County Community College and Emporia State University, graduating with a B.S. in Elementary Education, with an area of concentration of Early Childhood.  I student taught in both 1st grade and Kindergarten while at ESU.  Before coming to USD 330, I taught Kindergarten in western Kansas for five years. I've been lucky to call Mission Valley my home for the last twelve years.  I recently completed my Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction with an ESL Emphasis from Newman University.  I live in Auburn and enjoy spending time with my three nieces, reading, and cross-stitching.


    Updated:  May 7th, 2017