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Mr. Luke Bryan - 6th Grade

Over the River and Through the Woods

Things have been busy in the sixth grade hallway this first few months. Among the trees you will find our “critters” working diligently through the sixth grade materials. First thing in the morning we have been working in English Language Arts (ELA) Centers. The compass has been pointing towards figurative language, grammar and mechanics, in addition to reading and writing skills. Our math class has been blazing a trail through rational numbers, like integers, fractions, decimals and plotting them on number lines and coordinate planes. Finally in science, we have been backpacking through force and motion with Newton’s Laws of Motion, the egg drop, and also energy such as fossil fuels and alternative sources and know how heat is involved in the transfer of energy. In between all that learning we continue to become one with nature and find what makes us who we are. Oh yeah, and we continue to fill the trees with our frequent roar of laughter.

If you need to check in on us in the woods, follow the crumb trail. They NEVER forget to pack snacks! So if the trail takes an extra twist or they just need a minute to get their bearings, they have a little nutrition to refuel the tanks. Thanks for checking in on us. Come see us again, there is always something new and exciting going on.  

For more pics of what’s happening follow our Facebook page or Tweeter feed:  @mvvikings

Other Things to note: 

Every quarter there will be a book report due. The dates are included in the document below. All students received this handout the first week of school.