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Mr. Luke Bryan - 6th Grade

Running Out of Red Carpet

As we near our final curtain call, we have had a pretty successful year! But we aren't done learning yet. In the coming weeks we also have the state assessments. These stars have got to remember to get plenty of rest and eat healthy foods, especially breakfast. With full stomachs we don't have to concentrate on our stomach's growling and we can use that food to make our brains work more efficiently.

Along with the assessments, we also have a great learning opportunity at the Alma 4-H fairgrounds. The sixth graders will travel to the water festival to learn about conservation and other information about its role in the world.

In addition to the water festival, the 4th, 5th, and 6th graders just competed in the science fair. The results are posted on the school homepage along with pictures of each of the categories. Participation was amazing and the judges sure had their work cut out for them. Speaking of judges, a special thanks to Melanie Nelson, Scott Mick, Clipper Goodrich, and Jeannie Browning for taking the time to judge the entries.

The sixth graders recently engineered a Rube Goldberg contraption to get a marble to land in a cup.

For more pics of what’s happening follow our Tweeter feed:  @mvvikings

Other Things to note: 

Every quarter there will be a book report due. The dates are included in the document below. All students received this handout the first week of school.