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  • Financial Aid Night for Juniors and Seniors A Financial Aid Night for Juniors, Seniors and Parents will be held prior to the PK-3 Music Program on December 2, at 6:00 pm in the High School ...
    Posted Sep 3, 2015, 10:03 AM by Jeannie Browning
  • Mission Valley JH & HS Attendance Incentive Program Attendance Incentive ProgramIn an effort to improve attendance, Mission Valley Schools has implemented an incentive for high school students (9-12) that waive their finals if they meet the ...
    Posted Aug 25, 2015, 6:28 AM by Jeannie Browning
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Mission Valley High School

Dear Parents of Mission Valley Jr/Sr High Students:
I am writing to inform you of changes that are taking place in the format of what has always been “Parent/Teacher Conferences”. Over the years, we have used this time to discuss grades and behaviors. Attendance has slowly declined as technology allows us to track grades 24/7 and many times discussions regarding behaviors
occur when the behaviors occur (not put on hold until conferences). State Legislation requiring College and Career Readiness has caused us to reflect on the information we share with parents, and there is a great need for change. The Fall 2015 conference was the last of the traditional conference format. Our staff through discussion
and planning will develop a new conference format for the Spring 2016 P/T Conferences.

If you, as a parent, have concerns with your student’s progress in class, we invite you to contact the teacher by phone or email to discuss the situation or set up a time to meet face to face. As always, grades are available 24/7 online so you have access to that information whenever you need it. 

Parent/Teacher Conferences, as they
have been known and performed in the past, will no longer exist at the Jr/Sr High School. The following information will attempt to explain what we are trying to do. Beginning with the Spring 2016 conferences scheduled February 3rd and 4th, we will be meeting with families (students and parents together) to discuss and map out plans for the future of the students. Before that time, students will be involved with some career screening. Many of our students have taken the Career Pipeline test
in the past as part of our CTE programs. This will be a piece that all students use. We hope to expand on this and add other screeners to our data pool in the future. These will provide information about strengths, weaknesses and aptitude for specific career choices providing guidance to help make realistic career and educational choices. As educators we will share information we have gathered with the family to help make the best decisions on the direction each student should take, not make the decisions for you. Discussions will vary according to grade level, of course, as seniors will have different needs than 7th graders. The intent is to meet the needs of each individual as well as possible. For underclassmen we will be discussing the students’ progress toward graduation, reviewing transcripts and mapping out classes that they will need to take in the coming school years to support their choice of college or
career goals. Senior meetings will involve what they need to do in applying for scholarships and applying to colleges. A wide variety of opportunities will be discussed and brought to the attention of the family.

To organize the process, students have been divided into Advisory groups among their class sponsors. We will be holding Advisory meetings to prepare students for our spring conferences. The plan right now is for scheduled conferences to last 20 minutes each. This should allow us to meet with everyone in the 8 hours allotted on conference evenings and still provide “open” time for parents to touch base with other teachers. In the spring our hope is to review the student plans and actually complete enrollment for the next year during the conference time. Again, seniors will have different needs and we will discuss progress toward their goals after graduation.
By the time spring conferences roll around, much time and effort will have gone into planning. As parents, we ask that you work with us through this process, and then give us suggestions on how to make it better for the future.

We see real value in this for our students, which can only be achieved by the students and parents playing an active part. One change will be the need to schedule appointments for meetings. We do not know what date or time will be most convenient for the family so we are not setting the schedule for you. However, our advisors will work with you to fill the time slots they have available, obviously the most favorable times will fill up quickly.

The staff and administration are excited about the possibilities of this change. Our hope is that we can achieve 100% participation in conferences. We look forward to seeing you and receiving your feedback through this process.

Charlie Chesmore
Mission Valley JH/HS

We are looking at the home stretch of the first semester. As I write this we are getting ready to leave for  Thanksgiving break, followed by the month of December that will seem to fly by.
This time of year is full of anticipation of the holiday breaks and with that we may see some coasting by our students or the exact opposite,   scramble mode trying to save any grades they can. I urge parents to support their students through the last 3-4 weeks of school to ensure grades are where they should be when December 18th rolls around. Powerschool is a great resource for keeping tabs on your student and what we are doing in our classrooms. It also provides email communication with teachers.

Policy reminders for the month are below:
Mission Valley Junior High Promotion Requirements
1. In order for students to be promoted from eighth grade to ninth grade, students will need a total of 12.5 credits.
Students will receive one-half unit of credit in each class they pass per semester.
a. Those 12.5 credits must include 2 credits of each core class (English, Math, Science, Social Studies)
2. Students may only receive a maximum of 6 elective credits during their seventh and eighth grade years.
3. All classes must first be attempted during the regular school year at Mission Valley Junior High.
4. In the event a student needs to repeat classes, a committee comprised of the student, the student’s parents, administration, and staff will determine the student’s schedule.
5. Students can transfer credits in from summer school at Mission Valley USD 330, or other administrator approved programs.

Attendance Incentive Program
In an effort to improve attendance, Mission Valley Schools has implemented an incentive for high school students (9-12) that waive their finals if they meet the criteria listed below. Grades will be pulled the week prior to finals. Absences will be rounded up to the nearest ½ day. Please review what constitutes an absence in the student handbook.
Students with a…
 4.0 can miss up to 4 days
 3.5 or better can miss up to 3 days
 3.0 or better can miss up to 2 days
Finals will be waived for students meeting the above criteria. Final scores will be exempted from the semester grade. Students will receive excused absences for the two days that finals are held. Students have the option to take finals ifthey choose. Students will not be allowed to attend school if they are not taking finals. (Exception- Finals for concurrent classes taken for college credit must be completed for a grade.) 

Students will be notified on a predetermined date if they meet the above criteria.
*** We will pull grades and attendance on Dec. 9th. Students will be notified by the end of the day Dec. 11th***

The cold and flu season is here. As always attendance is imperative BUT please keep your student home if they are running a fever or vomiting. They are welcome to return to school 24 hrs after these types of symptoms have subsided.

The 7-12 Winter Music Concert is scheduled for December 16th at 7pm. With sunset occurring by the time most of us get home; beat the cold and the dark, we’ll have the lights on and it’ll be warm. Come out to support Mission Valley students and programs.

I wish everyone a happy holiday season. It is a time to find comfort in your friends and family. Be thankful for who you have. Safe travels to everyone hitting the road.

As always, it's great to be a part of this outstanding community called Mission Valley. Please feel free to contact me with any good news, questions or concerns, my door is always open. 

cchesmore@mv330.org or 866-557-6686.

Just a few Reminders
  • Our attendance system provides automated calls for absent students. Please be sure to contact the office ASAP when you know that your student will be absent.
  • A top priority of our schools is to provide a safe and secure educational environment. In doing so, supervision plays an important role. Students are not to be in the school unsupervised before or after school. This is a major liability to the district. Most often this is an issue after school on game nights.
  • Students are not to be left at school to wait for games to start as we cannot provide supervision. Students will need to leave after school or after practice and return at game time.
  • Cell phones have been an issue to start the year, more so than in years past. The policy allows for school use at teacher discretion while in class. Personal use is allowed before/after school and during passing periods. Students are asked to not use the school network and use their own data plan. As with anything, continued issues will warrant increased limitations.
1st offense- Phone is taken and the student picks up in the office after school.
2nd offense - Phone is taken and the parent must come pick up in the office after school.

As always, it's great to be a part of this outstanding community called Mission Valley.
Please feel free to contact me with any good news, questions or concerns. --- cchesmore@
mv330.org or 866-557-6686.

Chromebook Information

Students will be given two labels when they check their Chromebooks out this fall.  One label is for their Chromebook and the other is for their Power Cord. Lost Power Cords will cost $50.00.  There will also be an additional charge for Asset Tags that are removed.  All of this information is available on the Chromebook Loan Agreement at enrollment and available on the forms page.

Connie Converse's Counselor Corner

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