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Birth Certificates:  Students enrolling in USD 330 for the first time must provide proof of identity, (certified copy of Birth Certificate or certified transcript for transfer students) within 30 days of enrollment. 

Application for certified copy of Kansas Birth Certificate

                                 Rod Hasenbank

It won’t be long before students are walking through the front doors, eager to begin another school year, and I hope our students are ready to put in the time and effort it takes to be successful both in the classroom and in their activities.
One of my favorite quotes that I use with students, staff and myself whether in the classroom or in the athletic arena is, ‘NO DEPOSIT, NO RETURN’! In other words, ‘YOU ONLY GET OUT WHAT YOU PUT IN’! 
So, with that in mind, my challenge to our students, staff and administration as we begin preparing for the 2017-18 school year is to ask ourselves how can we continue to raise our expectations?” 

On behalf of the Mission Valley Jr.-Sr. High School Staff, we want to thank you for the support and encouragement that you give your child each and every day and please join us as we challenge your child to be the best they can be! 

Here are the Super Viking winners for the week of
Super Vikings

Super Viking nominees are drawn every Friday morning, with the winners announced over the school intercom and receive a prize. One of them is awarded the "Student of the Week" parking spot for the following week.  

 ALL students who were nominated that week are given the Super Viking card showing who and why they were nominated. This is the third year we have been doing this.

JH/HS News

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  • Junior High Summer Football and Basketball Camps & Summer Weight Lifting
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  • Student Accident Insurance for 2017-18 If you are interested in purchasing Student/Athlete Accident Insurance for 2017-18, the forms and information are listed below.
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  • When do we cancel school because of Weather??? Parents & Patrons:We are quickly approaching that time of year when the possibility of school cancellations increase due to adverse winter conditions.  The decision to cancel school is always carefully ...
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  • Student Insurance Information Please see the attached below, for more information on Student Insurance for 2016-17.
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  • Resources for Writing Scholarship and College Admission Essays 1- 4 Steps to an effective scholarship essay (PDF) from wnc.edu This file contains useful tips and guidelines that you can use to come up with a topnotch scholarship ...
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Mission Valley High School

Mr. David Cromer
.The Learning Never Stops!

With the end of summer break quickly approaching, I hope  our students have continued to learn throughout the summer.  Despite being busy, it is important they continue doing (or learning) the skills that help them be successful in school and life. Here are some helpful ideas.

Being “a reader” is a life-long skill. With the new technologies of laptop computers and cell phones it is easy
for students to lose the desire of reading meaningful things. This includes magazines and books. Expect your
student to read. Read with them! Pick a book or newspaper article and read them together. Ask your student
to discuss it with you. What is their opinion and why? Pick a topic that they have an interest in to help motivate them. Link a fun reward to the task.

How is your student managing their time over the summer months? Do they sit in front of the TV or computer most of the time? Are they staying up late all night and sleeping too much during the day? There are many distractions that students in today’s world have that we parents did not have to manage appropriately. Set appropriate boundaries and limits with your student regarding what they are expected to do and when are they expected to do it. Many students need more structure in their lives so that they can successfully manage thestructure and expectations they face in school. We all want our children to be successful in life. Time management is often the key to productivity.

Many students get “lost” in the world of social media. Students with cell phones and internet access have the ability to be anonymous in their communication, have world-wide access to content that a parent would deem highly inappropriate, and be secretive in what they do so parental supervision can become very complicated. Social media and appropriate use of technology is an ongoing and constant struggle for all schools. Please support us by setting expectations with your student so they practice what are “helpful” and “appropriate” ways to communicate.

When I was a student my parents expected me to have A’s or B’s on my report cards. To drive the family car I was required to have these grades. What expectations are you setting? With all the support that any student has access to at Mission Valley Jr/Sr High School, students should not be getting D’s and F’s. Period. Start now, this summer, telling your student what is expected for the next school year. Set some goals and rewards. Help prepare them for the expectations they will be facing when they enter the job force.
Please feel comfortable meeting me and asking for any assistance as we work together to give your student(s) the best education, support, and post-graduation opportunities

Chromebook Information

Students will be given two labels when they check their Chromebooks out. One label is for their Chromebook and the other is for their Power Cord. Lost Power Cords will cost $50.00.  There will also be an additional charge for Asset Tags that are removed.  All of this information is available on the Chromebook Loan Agreement at enrollment and available on the forms page.

Connie Converse's Counselor Corner

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  • Kansas Works Kansas WorksKANSASWORKS is a good source  for Career Technical Education Information, Interest Assessment Information, and help in finding possible employers and jobs.
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  • Job Board and Employment Information Job Board and Employment InformationThe job board and employment information website can be found at:  www.kansasworks.com  This site is helpful to those who are seeking employment ...
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