Forensics (4N6)

Forensics Coach: Mr. Dustin Stucky


Results from the Flint Hills League Forensics Tournament on March 30th  in Osage City.

Emma Boyd - 2nd Prose  - State Champ Qualifier

Dane Howe - 6th Prose

Raina Flud - 6th Poetry

Cassidy Wines - 1st Serious Solo Acting  - State Champs Qualifier

Cassidy Wilsey - 6th Humorous Solo Acting

Jennifer Coats - 5th Original Oration  

Jennifer Coats - 1st Extemporaneous Speaking - State Champs Qualifier

Sean Gorman and Macey Secord - 1st Duet Acting - State Champs Qualifier

Cassie Spoon and Raina Flud - 5th Duet Acting

Cassidy Wines and Sean Gorman - 3rd Improvised Duet Acting

Sweepstakes:  Mission Valley finished 4th, just a few points behind 3rd

State Championship Qualifiers as of today:

Cassidy Wines:   Serious Solo

Emma Boyd:  Prose

Jennifer Coats:   Original Oration and Extemporaneous Speaking

Sean Gorman and Macey Secord:  Duet Acting

Congrats Viking Forensicators.  Good job!

 In 2013, the National Forensic League Board of Directors voted to change the name of the National Forensics League to the National Speech and Debate Association.

The National Speech and Debate Association is the largest organization for speech and debate that serves middle school, high school and college students in the US. Among the activities that the Association provides are; resources, scholarships, recognition, training, etc.