2016-17 Cross Country Season

Mission Valley Cross Country 2016

Regional Cross Country - Girls

Last Saturday, the Mission Valley Cross Country teams competed in the 3A regionals race, at Council Grove. It was a successful day for the girls team, placing third overall and earning a team spot, to compete at state!  Sydney Gleason led the team, with a 9th place finish (individually qualifying, as well), followed by Alex Pickett, Raven Sage, Shelby Kesler, Lauren Falk, and Faith Martin. The girls will compete, next Saturday, October 29th at 11:45 AM at Rim Rock Farms, just outside of Lawrence!  


League Cross Country

On Thursday, our Cross Country runners ran in the league meet at Central Heights. It was a great day to run in both weather and our kid’s mentality.  This year has been a fun year, as the kids are beginning to take more pride in their times.  They are constantly asking what place their times are placing them in, and then working to improve that.  

We started the afternoon with our 7th grade race.  Our runner, Shane Dudley led the race the majority of the race.  At the end, he just didn’t have enough, placing third, but still bringing home a medal for us.  Cade Willard finished closely behind, with strong races ran by Parker Bolte and Lane Seastrom to bring in the team.  

Following that was the 8th grade race.  Last year, Hannah Foster was our 7th grade Flint Hills Champion, so we were hoping to have a repeat.  It was the same three girls, running closely together, again.  In the end though, Hannah was able to pull away and was the 8th grade Champion!!!  Aiden Parks was our only boy running and ran a strong race.  At the beginning of the year, Aiden was coming in at the back of each race.  Last night, Aiden beat the last runners by almost half a mile!  This is so big!  And, so exciting to be able to actually see the progress that was made.  

The girls varsity race, followed the 8th grade race. It was a great race to watch for Mission Valley, and multiple spectators, from other teams commented on how great our girls ran.  We finished the race with three girls getting medals - and another just missed it by 1!  Alex Pickett got 12th, Sydney Gleason got 14th, and Raven Sage got 15th - with Shelby Kesler just barely missing it.  Lauren Falk, Faith Martin, and Sarah Bond all finished great - which led to our girls getting 2nd place in league!!!  

The boys Varsity race followed and was an extremely fast race.  Our boys all ran great - the strongest each kid has ran all season.  PJ Myers got a medal, placing 10th!  Garrett Falk and Chris Gleason were closely behind, followed by Hunter Fry, Chase Parks, Ethan Willsey, and Trenton Parks (who was running with a broken arm in a cast).  

Finally the JV race finished the night!  It was also a great race to finish with!  Rebekah Cain and Hope Thomas, ran PR’s again, with Rebekah finishing 2nd and Hope finishing 3rd.

League is the last race for our Jr. High runners and JV runners.  They each finished the season well!  Our Varsity runners will run next Saturday, beginning at 10:00 AM, at Council Grove’s home course.

Osage City Invitational

Thursday, the Cross Country teams ran at the Osage City Golf Course, for the annual invitational hosted by Osage City.  It’s a great course with some great competition.  Due to the weather, the order of events were changed.  Although the weather was questionable, thankfully, we got each race in and each Mission Valley runner, ran strong races.  Again we have some huge PR’s.  The 7th grade runners continue shaving time off their mile times, with Lane Seastrom having a great PR, by almost 2 minutes.  The 8th kids ran fast and Hannah Foster brought home a 2nd place medal!  Aiden Parks ran in the 8th grade boys race, and he has been the most improved runner throughout the season.  He is running awesome!  The High School girls race went great!  Alex Pickett ran a 2 minute PR, placing 8th and earning a medal!  Almost every girl ran a PR and the girls took 3rd place as a team, each earning team medals!  They are hoping to qualify as a team, for state!  The boys race was a fast race, but each boy ran well - again setting many PR’s.  PJ Myer’s brought in a medal for the boys team, placing 13th.  It is so much fun, to watch these kids compete and then see their reactions as they see their times.  They have worked hard, so it’s great to see their hard work paying off.

We will run next week, for league, at Central Heights!  The races will begin at 4:00 PM!

Council Grove Invitational

It’s amazing what a difference one week makes!  The Cross Country teams competed at the Council Grove Invitational yesterday, in weather that we have been waiting for!  It was the perfect day to run! The 7th graders ran first, and each kid ran great races!  They looked the strongest they have looked all year.  After that was the 8th grade race, in which Hannah Foster took 3rd, bringing home a medal and Aiden Parks took over 3 minutes off his previous fastest time!  The high school races followed and each race was a fast race!  Our kids ran well, with almost every kid running a personal record, taking anywhere from 1 minute to 3 minutes off previous PR’s.  Sydney Gleason was our medal winner in the high school girls race, placing 15th!  We were excited with the night and the way each kid ran!  Next week we will be running at the Osage City Golf Course beginning at 4:00PM.

Karr Classic and Jason McKinney Memorial

It’s been a busy week this week for our Cross Country teams.  We started out the week, running on Tuesday, at the 20th Annual Karr Classic at the Apple Orchard by Northern Heights.  It was the hottest day we have had all year, which led to some pretty dangerous running conditions.  Thankfully, none of the Mission Valley kids had any problems and we ended the day with many medals! The following are the medal winners for the day: in the boys Varsity race, PJ Myers led the team, taking 8th, followed by Garret Falk taking 14th, and Chase Parks took 20th; in the girls JV race, Hope Thomas ran her first ever Cross Country race and took 2nd, followed by Rebekah Cain taking 3rd; in the 8th grade girls' race Hannah Foster took 2nd; and in the 7th grade boys race Shane Dudley took 3rd.  It was stressful afternoon, yet ended well with so many medals!  

On Thursday, we took part of our team to the Jason McKinney memorial race, hosted by Wabaunsee at the Lake Wabaunsee golf course.  It was hot again, but thankfully not as bad as Tuesday.  It is a great course and everyone ran very well, given the lack of rest and small time to prepare!  We did have some strong runners with great PR’S.  Ethan Willsey ran over a minute faster than his previous PR.  Hannah Foster shaved close to a minute off her 2 mile time as well, earning a 2nd place medal. Raven Sage ran strong and finished 12th (they only medaled top 10), and on Tuesday, Raven got 21st (where they only medaled top 20).  She is just out of medal range, but so close!  

On Saturday, we will be taking the rest of our team to Rim Rock, the third biggest Cross Country race in the United States.  It’s competitive, but the kids going know how to compete and we are excited to see what we can do!  The girls race begins at 11:45, followed by the boys race at 12:25!  This is a fun race to watch and a great race to compete in, as we finish up the busy racing week we have had.

Wamego Invitational

Last Tuesday our Jr. High Cross Country teams traveled to Wamego, to compete in a Jr. High only meet.  It is always big, with over 100 runners in each race and we compete with kids from bigger schools.  It is great competition and a great opportunity for our runners.  They all ran great races, with Hannah Foster taking 11th and earning a medal, in the 8th grade race.

Following the Jr. High meet, Wamego hosts a big meet on Saturday, for high school kids.  Again, it is also incredibly big with over 150 runners in most races.  We get to see competition we may not see again, until regionals and even state.  It was great running conditions and our runners ran fantastic times.  We were able to get our top 4 four girls and boys runners in the top half of each race.  It was encouraging for our team goals and has continued to motivate each kid to run better each day.  PJ Myers, came away with a medal at the Wamego meet, in the boys race, finishing 30th!  

Next week is going to be a busy week for Cross Country.  Due to rain, a meet got rescheduled for next Tuesday at the Apple Orchard, for the Northern Heights Invitational.  On Thursday, we will attend the Jason McKinney Invitation, hosted by Wabaunsee, at the Lake Wabaunsee Golf Course.  And finally, Saturday, our top runners will compete at Rim Rock, one of the biggest high school races in the United States.  We get to compete with kids from numerous states and learn how to push the limits when it comes to competing.  It will be a busy week for all, but we are ready and excited for the challenge!


Mission Valley Invitational

Mission Valley Cross Country teams participated in their first meet of the season, at our home course.  With 25 runners on Mission Valley’s team and two managers, we have a big group, that know how to work hard and each want to be successful.  It is going to be a fun season!

The weather was great and there we over 230 runners that ran all together, from 10 different schools.  We saw some fast times with very competitive races.  Our 7th grade race was the first race of the day and the first race for every runner. They all did great.  Shane Dudley led our team, with Cade Willard close behind.  Parker Bolte finished just behind Cade and Lane Seastrom followed closely, with Braden Gregory and Michael Roberts finishing strong. It was fun to watch these boys compete in their first race.  

The 8th grade race was next, with some extremely fast kids.  We have three 8th graders, however only Hannah Foster competed in the meet. She ran a good race and she has a great starting point, to move up and be extremely competitive.  

The high school girls race was our third race of the evening.  Sydney Gleason led our team, followed by Alex Pickett and Shelby Kesler.  Raven Sage ran a strong race, with Sarah Bond, Faith Martin, and Rebekah Cain bring up the pack, with strong races.  It was an exciting day for many, who ran close to their personal records, and it was only the first race of the season. Two girls on our team were unable to compete due to injuries, but they will be contributing strong races for us in the future.

The boys race was the final race of the night.  It was a big race, with 90 runners competing.  Also, it was an extremely competitive race.  PJ Myers finished first for our team, with a 9th place finish and earning a medal.  Garrett Falk has worked hard and his hard work showed, finishing 27th with Chris Gleason closely behind at 31st.  Hunter Fry and Chase Parks finished back to back, with Ethan Willsey close behind and Trenton Parks pushed through in his first ever meet, with a strong finish.  It was an exciting race for the boys, who all ran fast races, with Ethan Willsey setting a new personal record of his racing career. Talia Lira and Kailie Roberts are our managers who were able to be all over for us, grabbing splits and final times, so the runners know what we need to do to be faster next week!

Our home meet was a success, thanks to all the Mission Valley staff who came out to help.  Also, thank you to Rod Allen, Carl Williams, and Kim Simms who volunteered to be first responders in case of an emergency!  And finally thanks to the Harveyville ambulance crew, who also volunteered to come help out!

The Jr. High runners will be running at Wamego Jr. High next Tuesday, beginning at 4:00, with the high school runners, running next Saturday, at the Wamego Golf Course beginning at 11:00.  We are excited for these upcoming races, as we can continue looking to get medals and better our time!

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2015-16 Cross Country Season Highlights

Flint Hills League

            Thursday, October 15th, was the Flint Hills League Invitational.  Our league is extremely competitive, when it comes to running, but the weather was great and the course was fast.  It was a tough course, but led to some fast times.

            The races went in order of age, 7th grade through high school.  However, I am going to save Jr. High for the end.  The high school races, we knew, were going to be quick.  The kids were going to have to be ready to compete, if they wanted to do well.  All the high school kids came ready to do so!  The girls race went well! Lauren Falk just missed medaling, placing 19th (they medaled the top 15).  Although she didn’t medal, she is competing well for next week at regionals.  Sarah Bond was next – who has come on strong as the season has progressed.  She runs a solid 5K, which has been so fun to watch her continue to cut her time and PR in each and every race!  Faith Martin was next, who also has learned how to compete well! Not starting off to quick, yet she has learned how to start to run a fast race, in which she can PR.  Rebekah Cain, brought it in for us.  She has been incredibly fun to watch this year, as she has learned how to compete at a much higher intensity than ever before!  She did great today! Our boys race was next and it went well!  PJ Myers was first for our team and also earned a medal, placing 9th!  He has been great to watch compete and has learned to compete at a much higher intensity level, than he did at the beginning.  Chase Parks was next, and unfortunately missed medaling by .1 tenth of a second.  14TH -18thplace all came in, in a solid line – literally.  Unfortunately, Chase was picked at 18th.  It was a great learning experience for him, knowing he has to give a little more.  It was fun to watch the race, with the 4 at the finish line though.  Garrett Falk was next – just behind Chase!  He ran strong!  Chris Gleason, Hunter Fry, TJ Wade all come in shortly behind Garrett.  These boys ran incredibly hard – pushing themselves past being tired and ran incredible races! Ethan Willsey ran in the JV race – and goodness, he has improved!  He runs a strong race, representing MV very well.  No one questions his determination to always be better than the race before!!

            Our Jr. High races were also incredibly fast.  All Jr. High kids knew they needed to compete well, if they wanted to medal.  Looking at the results for 8th grade, going in, Sydney Gleason was sitting 3rd with 4th close behind and Alex Pickett was sitting around 7th, with Raven sitting close to 10th.  These girls wanted to medal and proved themselves on the course. Sydney Gleason took 2nd, Alex Pickett took 3rd, both medaling!! !  Raven Sage took 5th, just barely missing a medal.  These girls knew where they needed to be and worked hard to be there – and the results show!  The 7th grade race, was hands down, one of the most exciting races I have ever watched.  Hannah Foster was sitting 4th, but wanted a medal.  She knew she needed the be in the pack with the 1st place girl.  The gun went off, and 4 girls ran together, going back and forth changing the lead, the whole race.  As the race came close to the end, Hannah pulled away, along with a girl from Lyndon.  It was an all out race, but at the finish line, Hannah pulled it off and took first place!!!  Hannah is the 7th grade girls, Flint Hills League Champion!!  It was such an exciting race and an excellent way to start the day!!! 

            Taking home 4 medals, and several kids just barely missing earning a medal, is exciting for me to see.  This program is learning how to compete, seeing where they need to go, and working to get there.  Just as the results showed today!!! Another important piece to note, Sydney Gleason, an 8th grader, medaled at every meet she ran in this year!!  This is a huge accomplishment, one that our program is excited to be a part of!

            I have not yet mentioned our managers, but Jacob Frank and Talia Lira, have been a blessing to this team.  They get water for the kids every day, take times, and are all over creation, making sure they have the correct times.  Without these two, we wouldn’t be able to get the kids the mile times they need, to be faster, and our runners wouldn’t know where they need to be at each race, to set a PR.  They do a great job and we are very thankful for them!!!

            Regionals is next week, in Mound City!  This is what we have worked for all season, so we are hoping to come out and get some kids to state!  The boys race begins at 11:00 with the girls running at 12:00!


Osage City Invitational

            Thursday, October 8th, the Mission Valley Cross Country teams competed at the Osage City Golf Course.  It is typically a fast course, however, it was significantly warmer today, than usual.  The heat typically produces slower times, but not today for our runners.  Many runners ran personal records and competed higher in the race standings, than they typically do!  This was also a big meet for high school, as many schools we will be seeing at regionals were there. 

            Hannah Foster began the day for our teams.  The 7th grade race was fast and Hannah did great!  She ran 6:38, the fastest time she has ever ran!  Although she took 4th, missing medaling my one, she still did a tremendous job with the time she ran!   The 8th grade race followed and also produced some fast times.  Sydney Gleason medaled, taking 3rd and was only 10 seconds behind the girl she has attempted to beat every race.  Throughout the season, Sydney has closed the gap from the original 2 minutes she was behind her at the beginning of the season, to now only 10 seconds.  That is a huge feat! Alex Pickett finished 5th, again running an amazing race.  She has improved the most of any runner this season – and it has been so fun to watch! Raven Sage ran an excellent race, also running the strongest race she has ran yet and finishing with a big PR! 

            The high school races were next – with varsity girls running first. Lauren Falk finished first for our girls teams, and ran a solid race!  Sarah Bond was in next, again running strong with Faith Martin close behind. These girls ran great races!  Although they may not have ran as fast as they hoped, their efforts were great and they did not give up, finishing strong!  The varsity boys race was next, with some fast competition.  PJ Myers again cut time off, running a PR.  He is looking solid with a chance at competing well at our regionals.  They medaled top 15 and PJ blew that out of the water, finishing 7th!!  Chase Parks is battling a hip injury and ran a solid race!  Although he didn’t medal, he is learning to push through adversity and run hard.  Garrett Falk was next, running the hardest, strongest race he has ever ran, with Chris Gleason right behind, competing extremely well! TJ Wade and Hunter Fry are continuing to impress, with their ability to run solid races through the whole race.  This boys team has kids finishing in the top half at many meets – and has been enjoyable to watch!  Ethan Willsey, ran next in the JV race.  He is a kid that has been inspiring to many!  He always pushes himself, always trying to get a PR.  If he has run 1 second faster, that isn’t good enough, he wants to be faster still.  He puts in the time and effort!  His times are showing, as he is continuing to take time off his personal records!

            Next week is league and our kids are hoping to compete well! They will be running at Pomona Lake, on the Ottawa University home course!  We are hoping for it to be a successful day, as they begin competition at 4:00PM.

Council Grove Invitational
October 1, 2015

            Thursday, October 1st, the Mission Valley Cross Country teams ran at the Council Grove Reservoir, for their annual Invitational.  It is a great course, that typically allows for some fast times! The weather was fantastic, which also helped with their times.  The 7th grade race was first – and it was one of the fastest races we have been in yet.  Hannah Foster ran well, finishing 7th, out of 31 girl runners; just barely missing a medal.  She ran hard throughout the whole race and finished even stronger!  The 8th grade race was next, with Sydney Gleason, Alex Pickett and Raven Sage.  These girls are learning how to compete – all finishing well!  Sydney Gleason medaled, taking 4th, however with every race she is closing the gap on a girl that has typically beaten her.  With the hard work she puts in, I know she will be continuing to get closer, as the season progresses.  Alex Pickett has emerged to be an extremely strong runner, as she is setting PR’s with every race.  She is also beginning to finish higher in the standings as well, today finishing 6th, just barely missing a medal.  Raven has continued taking time off her previous times, and is running stronger than she has before!

            The high school girl’s race was next, and it was a great race! Lauren Falk finished first for our team, taking over a minute off her previous PR.  Sarah Bond and Faith Martin were next – each also taking a minute off their previous times. Rebekah Cain followed, and she is running harder than she ever believed she could!  She has been a joy to watch compete. The boy’s race followed, and we knew it was going to be a fast race, with many of the top competitors in the state running. Our boys did awesome!  PJ Myers came in first for our team, running a PR.  Chase Parks, Garrett Falk, Chris Gleason, Hunter Fry, TJ Wade, and Ethan Willsey followed.  Our boys look strong when they run, and many people have commented how well they are competing.  It has been fun to watch a group of kids come in, just wanting to have fun, and turn into a team that is working to compete at all levels!!!  I have really enjoyed watching their success and hard work, as the season is progressing!

            We will run again next Thursday, beginning at 4:00, at the Osage City Golf Course!  This is typically a fast course – so hopefully we come out ready to run and continue breaking goals!



September 25, 2015

Saturday, September 25th the high school kids went to the Rim Rock, which is the Big 12 Course and also KU’s home course.  This is known to be one of the hardest meets in the United States, due to the hills and the competition we see.  It is also, the third biggest high school cross country meet in the United States.  We are able to see some stiffer competition than we typically see and learn just what it takes to be competitive on the national level.  It is a fun meet to attend, yet for the high school kids, before their race, a little overwhelming.  There were kids from Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Missouri, Iowa, Illinois and many more states, running in the meet. 

As we had to sit in traffic for an hour, before we were able to park, the kids began to get more nervous.  Then they realized there almost 300 kids in each race – which added to their nerves.  However, our kids were able to compete well!  It was an exciting day for each of our runners, as they learned how to dig a little deeper and run even harder than they thought they ever could.  Lauren Falk was our only girl running, and she ran a great race.  She ran 1 minute faster this year, with a 5K than she did last year with a 4K (she ran over ½ a mile farther and 1 minute faster)!   It was an exciting meet for her!  The boy’s race was next, with PJ Myers, Chase Parks, Garrett Falk, TJ Wade, Chris Gleason, and Hunter Fry (the boys finished in this order).  Every boy ran the strongest I have seen them run yet – and they were extremely excited with their results!

      With stiff competition and intensity of the meet, the Mission Valley kids represented very well!  It was an exciting meet and led to great results!!  The whole team will again compete on Thursday, Oct. 1st, at Council Grove beginning at 4:00 PM.


Jason McKinney Memorial Cross Country Meet

Wabaunsee High School

Thursday September 24, 2015


Jason McKinney Memorial Invitational (Lake Wabaunsee)

            Thursday, September 24th, 2015 the Cross Country teams went to the Golf Course at Lake Wabaunsee.  It was great weather and a great day to run! The 7th grade race was first, with Hannah Foster as our sole 7th grader.  She ran an excellent race, finishing 2nd, and earning a medal.  The 8thgrade race was next – with Sydney Gleason, Alex Pickett, and Raven Sage competing.  It was a fast race and our girls competed well.  Sydney took 2nd, earning a medal; with Alex and Raven close behind, taking 7th and 8th, each with big PR’s.

            The High School races were last, with girls competing first.  The course is hilly but our girls came ready to run.  Sarah Bond finished first for our team, taking over 5 minutes off her previous PR.  Faith Martin was next, taking over 4 minutes off her time.  Rebekah Cain finished well, also setting a PR and pushing herself harder than she ever thought she could. Lots of runners don’t take that much time off their PR in a season, so it is exciting as the girls are learning to push themselves, past what they thought possible.  Ethan Willsey was our sole boy.  This is his second meet back, from an injury and the strongest race he has ran yet.  He did great, representing our boys team well. 

            The rest of the team will be competing Saturday at Rim Rock in Lawrence.  With over 3,000 runners competing that day, it will be a competitive day, yet one in which we are hoping to set PR’s. 


Wamego Invitational & Northern Heights Invitational

Last Saturday the high school runners attended the Wamego Invitational.  This is a large meet, with schools all over the state attending.  The weather was perfect for running – low 70’s with no wind!  Our girls started off first – with Lauren Falk and Rebekah Cain competing.  Both girls took over two minutes of their times last week.  They were excited, which led to the boys excitement to run.  Their race was big – over 150 runners, but our boys ran great!  Chase Parks and PJ Myers came in within .03 seconds of each other, finishing 46th and 47th.  They ran excellent times, with over 2 minutes improvement and just missed medal range (the top 40 medaled).  Garrett Falk was next in, running close to a personal PR, from last season even.  Followed by Chis Gleason, Hunter Fry, and TJ Wade, who all took over 2 minutes off their previous time, as well.  It was a great day to run and the all the high school kids showed up ready to compete.  

Thursday, we attended the Northern Heights “Karr Classic”, where they run around the apple orchard.  Running conditions were they complete opposite of last Saturday – with temperatures in the 90’s and the wind was blowing.   Although we didn’t set many personal records, we had a very successful day.  The girls varsity race was first – with each girl running a strong race.  Lauren Falk led our team, followed by Sarah Bond, Faith Martin, and Rebekah Cain.  They all four came out and competed well, running hard races, even with the heat.  Our boys team followed, and they are a great group to watch run.  Chase Parks led the boys team, finishing 19th and earning a medal.  PJ Myers just missed medaling, placing 23rd (they medal the top 20).  Garret Falk followed closely behind, with TJ Wade, Chris Gleason, Hunter Fry and Ethan Willsey finishing strong. Each boy ran hard, through the heat, never once letting up. They each finished strong, competing hard, and watching their hard work, so far, pay off! Our Jr. High kids ran last!  Again – Mission Valley is proving they are coming to compete.  Sydney Gleason (8th grade) took first, in the 2 mile race, beating her competition, by over 40 seconds.  Hannah Foster (7th grade) took 5th in the 1 mile race, running a personal record, getting under 7:00 minutes! Alex Pickett, Raven Sage, and Tyler Higgins each ran excellent races, competing well, all the way to the end.  Overall, it was a successful day for the Viking runners, even through the heat and wind.  

Next Thursday, the Jr. High and a few high school runners will be running at Lake Wabaunsee, beginning at 4:00 PM.  On Saturday, the 26th, our top varsity runners will be competing at Rim Rock in Lawrence, a meet in which schools from multiple states attend.  It’s competitive meet that we are excited to attend!


Wamego Jr. High Invitational

September 8, 2015

On Tuesday, the Jr. High Cross Country kids ran in their own meet, at Wamego.  It is a competitive race and the biggest race, our Jr. High runners will see.  Each race had anywhere from 60 to 90 runners.  Our runners came out and ran strong.  Every runner had a PR (personal record), from the previous meet.  7TH grade girls were the first race.  Hannah Foster ran hard, finishing at 7:03.  This was a PR for her, by over 40 seconds and earned her a medal (her first of the season, by finishing 13th!!!  Next was the 7th grade boys and Tyler Higgins was our only runner.  This race was big, but Tyler ran extremely hard.  He ran faster than the previous meet by close to 5 seconds!  Then came the 8th grade girls race – with Sydney Gleason, Alex Pickett, and Raven Sage.  This race was fast, with the first girl finishing in 5:47.  Sydney Gleason competed very well, finishing 5th, and earning her second medal of the season.  Alex Pickett came out ready to run, finished great at 26th.  With Raven Sage following close behind!  All 8th grade girls competed well and ran great!  Overall, it was a great night for our Jr. High runners.  With 5 runners, 5 personal records and 2 medals, everyone was excited!! Our High School runners will compete on Saturday, at the Wamego Golf Course, beginning at 11:00AM.


Mission Valley Invitational

September 3, 2015

The Mission Valley Cross Country teams ran in the first meet of the year, in our annual Mission Valley Invitational.  Although it was significantly warmer than we are used to, the Mission Valley kids ran great races.  We had over 200 kids running today, with some running in their first race ever, while others have run in multiple races.  The high school girls ran a 5K (3.1 miles), for the first time ever.  

We started the afternoon off, with our 7th grade race.  Hannah Foster finished 5th for the 7th girls.  She ran an excellent race and showed she will have promising season.  Tyler Higgins finished 8th for the 7th boys, and ran a strong race.  He also showed that he is ready to compete and ready for a promising season.    Next we had our 8th grade race.  This was an exciting race, with some fast runners.   Sydney Gleason finished 1st!! She ran a great race taking the lead early on and finishing 30 seconds ahead of the 2nd place girl.  Raven Sage took 5th, running a strong race the whole way through.  Alex Pickett took 9th, running strong and finishing strong.  It was a very successful night for our Jr. High runners.  All were pleased and even more excited for our meet next Tuesday, at Wamego!

We then started our high school races, with the girls 5k.  This was the first time many of the girls have ever run this distance competitively, since last year it was only 2.5 miles.  Our girls did great!  They didn’t let the extra distance scare them and ran hard.  Lauren Falk finished 18th overall, running a strong race.  Sarah Bond finished next, followed by Faith Martin and Rebekah Cain.  Although the new race distance will take a meet or two to get used to, these girls ran great through the whole race, which leads to a promising outlook for the rest of the season.  The boys race was the last race, with 83 runners.  It was the biggest race of the night.  Chase Parks and PJ Myers are both freshman, who were ready to compete.  The finished in the top of the pack, with Chase, finishing 17th and PJ finishing 20th.  They were followed by Garrett Falk, Chris Gleason, Hunter Fry, Chris Gleason, and Ethan Willsey.  All 7 of these boys run strong, every day in practice and it has shown in the first meet of the season.  They competed well and all look to have a competitive, strong, season.  The high school teams will compete next Saturday, at the Wamego Golf Course.

It was a successful home meet, thanks to all the staff that came out and helped!  Rodney Allen and Carl Williams also volunteer their time to come assist in the meet.  Those that helped, made the meet run smoothly and we received many compliments from the other coaches.  Mission Valley was represented very well, from the staff to athletes!!  


Wamego Middle School Invitational

Tuesday, September 8, 2015




Wamego Middle School 

1701 Kaw Valley Road

Wamego, KS 66547




Both age groups will be running a one (1) mile race.




4:00 PM 7th Gr. Girls

4:20 PM   7th Gr. Boys

4:40 PM   8th  Gr. Girls

5:00 PM   8th  Gr. Boys




There will be Porta Pottys located on the South side of the school. NOBODY will be allowed in the School to use restrooms.



--The top 15 runners in each division will receive medals.--

Four divisions: 7th grade girls – 7th grade boys – 8th grade girls – 8th grade boys. All race awards will be given after the 8th grade boy’s race is finished and the results are tabulated.

Jeannie Browning,
May 17, 2016, 7:07 AM
Jeannie Browning,
May 17, 2016, 7:07 AM
Jeannie Browning,
May 17, 2016, 7:07 AM
Jeannie Browning,
Oct 26, 2016, 6:03 AM