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Parent Groups
  - Feed the Vikes - Mary Gleason
  - Booster Club - Kim Walker

Feed the Vikes
Mary Gleason and the parent group "Feed the Vikes" provides meals for the football players during both home and away games. This group provides pre-game meals for both home and road games and also provides a post game meal for road games. This organization is always looking for help from other football parents or others in the community looking to get involved. Donations of water and Gatorade are always welcome to give the Vikings the edge on the football field. If you are interested in helping or would like more information about this organization please contact Mary Gleason at glsunflower@juno.com.
Football Safety Equipment
There are two companies that provide quality safety equipment. The first company is Unequal, they make a helmet cap that goes inside of the helmet, which is made of Kevlar. This cap can be worn for the player’s entire football career and used during middle school and high school. This can be purchased for $80 on their website (http://www.unequal.com/) or if we go in as a team we can get a 15-20% discount. The second company is Guardian Caps (https://guardiancaps.com). They provide a cap that can be worn on the outside of the helmet and it costs $60. This also can be worn throughout the player’s career except during games. (They can wear it during practice). Please take a look at these sites and see if the additional cost is worth minimizing the risk of injury for your son.