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Player Handbook

Mission Valley Football

Player's Handbook

"Don't Make Excuses, Make It Happen"


Program Philosophy


Our mission is to provide students an environment in which they will be challenged to develop their full potential as student-athletes and contributing members of society.  We will create this environment by teaching self discipline, dedication, respect, teamwork, sportsmanship, citizenship, goal setting and the value of hard work.  The coaches and student-athletes will approach football and academics with a positive attitude towards improving our abilities.  The development of student-athletes is the first priority within this program.

                                            Good People, Good Students, Good Athletes


Offensive Philosophy

The team that makes the fewest mistakes wins.

The offense will have quick, well timed execution on every play.  We will control the line of scrimmage on each play and we will eliminate mistakes and turnovers.  We will hustle to the line of scrimmage and explode off the ball.  The offense will have a simple and consistent scheme that adjusts quickly to defensive fronts.  We will utilize our athletes abilities and talents to allow for aggressive offensive play.


Defensive Philosophy

You can't be aggressive and confused at the same time.


The basic defensive philosophy revolves around three principles:

1.    Simplicity - We will have a simple and consistent scheme that adjusts easily to formation variations.  This will allow us more practice time on tackling, defeating blocks and pursuit.

2.    Aggressiveness - Be aggressive in everything we do.  Take away what the offense does best and create chaos.  Play to win, punish the opponent.

3.    Pursuit - Our ability to run and swarm the football.


Special Teams Philosophy

In football as in life, the little things make a big difference.


The special teams units will execute each individual aspect of the play with 100% effort and enthusiasm.  Individuals who give the extra effort and have the skills needed will have a chance to play special teams.  We will look to cause turnovers and control field position.  We will look to capitalize on opportunities to make game changing plays.

Strength and Conditioning


Strength and conditioning is the foundation of our program.  Our winning mindset, mental toughness and competitive edge will grow and develop in the weight room.  The weight room is where student-athletes will earn the right to have high expectations. 


The periodization of our performance training macrocycle will consist of three mesocycles: offseason, preseason and inseason.   The program will develop the total athlete by training speed, strength, power, agility, quickness, endurance, conditioning, balance and flexibility.  Training methods will include weight training, body weight exercises, ladder drills, cone drills, plyometrics, resistance bands, medicine balls, fitness balls, battle ropes and dynamic stretching.



 "Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion. You have to light yourself on fire."

Viking Football Player:


·      Is Passionate

·      Has a Strong Will

·      Lives in and Loves the Moment

·      Is Mentally Tough

·      Controls the Controllables

·      Is Disciplined, Self Controlled and Poised

·      Has Courage

·      Is Fearless

·      Has Confidence Based on Preparation

·      Is Unselfish

·      Competes Ethically

·      Is Committed

·      Never Gives Up - They are Relentless


If you don't think you're a winner, you don't belong here

Procedures and Regulations


Locker room/Equipment

1.    Tardiness because of equipment is never tolerated. 

2.    Do not cut or alter equipment.

3.    Do not demand equipment, feel fortunate to have what you get.

4.    All gear must be hung properly to dry on a daily basis.

5.    No loaning of gear.

6.    Lock up valuables before leaving the locker room.

7.    Equipment rooms are off limits to players.

8.    Keep locker room clean.

9.    Pick up tape and trash before leaving.



1.    We will practice with intensity, going through the motions will get us beat.

2.    We will run when changing locations.  We will never walk while on the field.

3.    Every player will wear a practice uniform.

4.    Helmets stay on at all times except for breaks or permission has been granted by a coach.

5.    Mouth pieces are a required practice item.



Training room/Injuries

1.    The training room will be open before and after practice, not during.

2.    If an individual is injured and not able to dress in full gear for practice, he is still required to attend practice and pay attention to instructions.

3.    Get treatment when ordered by a coach, trainer or doctor.

4.    Shorts and shirts must be worn in the training room.

5.    Be honest with trainers and coaches so they can prescribe proper treatment.

6.    Treatment for injury is considered the same as practice and is required.



1.    Be prompt.

2.    Sit-up with feet on the floor.

3.    Pay attention.

4.    Learn from mistakes.

5.    Evaluate and critique yourself on film.


Game Procedures

1.    Sprint on and off the field.

2.    Everyone should be up off the bench and involved in the game.

3.    Keep your helmet on for the duration of the game.

4.    Listen for your name, tracking you down is not an option.

5.    Do not talk to spectators during games.

6.    Be courteous to officials.

7.    Encourage your teammates.

Trip conduct

1.    When we travel, our bus will leave on time.

2.    We will dress in proper attire.

3.    All members will travel to and back from the game with the team.  The only exceptions will be approved prior to the game.

4.    There will be no talking or public noise of any kind when traveling to games.  This is time to prepare to win.

5.    Listening to IPods is allowed.



1.    Players are expected to not only attend classes daily, but also participate in a positive manner.

2.    We need to be leaders in the classroom.

3.    Athletes will sit at the front of the classroom if possible.

4.    If you are ineligible, you will miss practices and games until your grades are satisfactory.

5.    If an athlete is eligible, but not meeting classroom expectations, they will meet with coaches to determine a course of action to improve in the classroom.


Dress code

1.    All football players will be neatly groomed.

2.    We will follow the school dress code and not look to bend it.

3.    Athletes will not wear earrings during practice and games.


Lettering Requirements


The student athlete must accumulate 30 points or more on the lettering scale.  Points are earned through the following methods.

1.    Attending 90% of summer weight dates                   5

2.    Attending 80% of summer weight dates                   2

3.    Attending a non-high school football camp               3

4.    Attending our high school football camp                   3

5.    Making the Honor Roll                                              5

6.    Perfect practice attendance                                     5

7.    Playing a quarter in a varsity game                          1


Helmet Awards

1.    Offensive player of the week

2.    Defensive player of the week

3.    Scout team player of the week

4.    Big play (40 yards)

5.    Interception/Forced Fumble

6.    Big Hit/Block

7.    Block Kick or Punt

8.    Touchdown