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Mrs. Jeannie Browning - Technology

New Apps & Websites
If you are looking for free Parental Control Software, you may find an option on Digital Trends.  You can access the article here: https://goo.gl/4u9Yhh

Focus Apps
There are several new apps available to help you or your student stay focused.

Stay Focused Chrome Extension:  Helps you stay focused instead of spending time on time wasting sites.

Pomodoro: Is an iOS app that allows you to set specific blocks of time for different tasks, allowing you to be more productive.

Timely: An iOS App that helps you track your time on projects. 

Drop Time: An iOS App that is a countdown timer. Can be used for a variety of activities, but also to help set time limits for tasks.

Glass Planner: An iOS App Creates an action list based on your calendar.

TimeDoser: Chrome App that allows you to set specific work times and breaks.  Notifies you when its time to take a break.

Pomello: Chrome App that is similar to Pomodor, by allowing you to stay on task with a small timer on the window you are working on. 
Dance Mat Typing
Online Typing
Brown Bear Typing
Type A Tone

Chrome Extensions
My study help
My Incredible Start Page
Open Dyslexic
Helper Bird
Too Long Didn't Read (TLDR)
Read & Write for Google
Beeline Reader
Save to Google Drive
Google Drive Quick Create