English III (Junior English)

Daily Journal Prompt:


Happy cinco de mayo!
Riddle -
The guy who makes it doesn't want it.
The guy who buys it has no use for it.
The guy who uses it doesn't know he's using it.
What is it?

 Why is it illegal in Alabama for a man to marry his widow's sister?

Riddle Day - 
What does my empty pocket have in it?

You come to a fork in the road. Down one path is a town where everyone lies all of the time. Down the other path is a town full of honest people who never lie. You want to go to the honest town. There is a man from one of the towns standing at the fork in the road. What question can you ask him to ensure you make it to the right place?

Look up something interesting on WikiPedia and link it. Write a bit about it. 

Describe a time that you were in a great deal of pain, but had to ignore the pain in order to achieve something. How long can you ignore pain before it becomes unbearable? How important must something be in order for you to fight through the pain?

What has been your most victorious moment? What has been your greatest defeat?
How do those two life events contrast?
How do they compare?

You have been asked to design an amusement park. What do you call it? Describe its features. 

Is there something that you feel you were born to do? If so, what is it? Is it something at which you are good? Does it come naturally, or do you have to work at it?

Return of the research papers! What do you think you need to do in order to make your paper Final Draft ready?

What do you do well? Is your good performance through luck, ability, or dedication? How much time do you spend doing this activity?

What makes a heroic character? List the attributes that you think are most important to a literary hero character.  

You are living in the 1960s and have been approached by both the CIA and the KGB, each asking you to spy on the other. What do you do?

Which topic did you choose to cover with your Blue Book essay? Why?

Tell me about a time you were powerless to help yourself, but were helped or rescued by someone else.
If you were in charge, how would you handle the Gorilla Control issue currently being debated?

You've got to break your friend out of a jail that has a dirt floor. Your plan is to dig a tunnel, you have access to old shovels and picks and also spoons. What will you use to dig the tunnel? Why?

Free Write

Spot the differences -
List several differences you have noticed between the book and the film adaptation of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

Do you think you are more impulsive, or thoughtful? How do you think you rank among your peers on a scale from extremely impulsive to extremely thoughtful?
How would you rank Huckleberry Finn?

What is racism? Are you, even just a little bit, racist? Does telling jokes about race qualify as racism? How do you define the line between joking and being racist?

Spring Break; how was it?

Free Write

You've won a trip for 8 people to go to Mars. Who goes and why?

In front of you is a switch. Flipping the switch will make a really large person fall to his imminent death. Below this large man, there is a trolley track. Careening down the track is an out of control trolley filled with children. If the trolley continues on its present course, all of the children will be killed, but the very large man's body may be large enough to stop the trolley and save the children. What do you do? 

Make a step by step guide to do something. 

List Day! Make a top ten list for whatever topic you would like. 

You get your note cards back today! In celebration, write three bad thesis statements for your topic. 

Free Write (Journals Due Today!!!)

What is the funniest story you've ever heard or told?

Two strangers start asking you questions about your friends and neighbors. How do you respond?

You just watched "The Royal Nonesuch." Thoughts?

Free Write

You just figured out that you and your friends have all become victims of a con! How do you respond?

If you were to be a Con-Artist, what would be your pet holt, your forte, the thing you do well.

Describe freedom. Where and when do you feel most free?

If you had just been through what Huck has, how would you react?

Free Write

Describe something that you have invested a lot of time, money, or energy into. How hard would it be for you to quit doing that thing? Will you ever get a return on your investment?

Describe playing a joke or prank on someone, which went too far, and you felt bad about it later.

Would you have left the criminals on the boat? 

Do people who plan to kill other people deserve to die?

What did you do for Super Bowl Sunday? Which commercials did you like or dislike? Do you think the Nationwide "kids die" commercial was over the top?

Explain how knowledge of your research topic helped you survive the Apocalypse (zombie, nuclear, etc...)

You find yourself on the run from the law... down a river.... on a raft... Describe your ideal companion to come along with you. How will you survive?

Describe your ideal island hideout. 

If you were to fake your own death, how would you do it?

Free Write

Who is the last person you would want to find waiting for you at your house? Why? 

You stupidly joined a gang. You now regret it, because everything your gang does is dumb. How are you going to get out of your gang?

You and a group of your friends wish to start a club. What will your club do for fun? What will you call your club?

How much would you do in order to get out of doing work? Is it worth the effort?

Free Write

What is your research topic? Why did you choose it? What are your initial thoughts about the topic?
IF you haven't yet picked one; what research topics are you considering? 

Tell me about your winter break.