Junior English

Daily Journal

Study these words some more.
Begin studying these words.
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Read this article and then respond to this question: How does the juxtaposition of the educated black man and Pap Finn affect the reader?

Do you consider yourself to be superstitious? To what degree are you superstitious? What do you think of people who are extremely superstitious?  Do you know anyone who takes superstition to the same point that Huck does?   

Imagine you are Santiago (the old man), you have just defeated the fish. What do you do next? What struggles do you still face? How are you going to get home?

Describe a time that you won. What does victory feel like to you? Describe your emotional state through a moment of success. 

Do you believe people are born to do certain things? Are you? If so, what? If not , why not, and how do you become what you will be?

How persistent are you? Describe a time that you failed at something, and how you felt. Did you just give up? Did you try again? How many times would you fail at something before you just give up. 

Write me a story that starts out " 'Twas the night before..."

12/11/2013 (Happy Birthday Willis)
Free Write 

 What are your odds of survival in a wilderness scenario for one week? Tell me how it would play out.

WHAT? A journal? YUP! - What would you do if you were stranded in the snow with no way to contact anyone for help? 

No entry - get ready to take the test.

Which prompt are you going to use for the essay test tomorrow? Why? What ideas do you have for your essay?

You and a friend have been arrested for a bank robbery. You are guilty of the crime. The two of you have been separated, and the police have told you that they have enough evidence, without your help to lock you up for 3 years. They also say that if you testify against your partner, you will only serve 1 year, while he serves 6. He has been given the same deal, and if you each testify against each-other you will each get 5. What do you do? 

If you could do any one thing, but would die immediately after you were done; what would you choose to do? Why?

You are in the control station for a trolley. You can see that, if the trolley continues on its track,it will smash into a group of 5 people, killing them all. There is a lever next to you that you could pull that would switch the trolley to  the next track, which has one person on it, who would be smashed and killed. Would you pull the lever?

Were you satisfied with the conclusion to the novel? Who do you think is responsible for the mark on Dimmesdale's chest? What evidence do you have of that opinion?
Free Write

Tell me a story about yourself that defines you as a person; a story that made you think about the world differently, or gave you a reason to believe what you believe.

Write about the struggles you would face if you had to leave your home town, never to return. Who or what would you miss? What would you do before you left?

Write a first person narrative about what you did over your 3 day weekend. 

You are meeting up with an old friend, but find that you have nothing to really talk about. How do you break the ice? Write a story about meeting up with an old friend.

You have a direct line to John Boehner, Harry Reid, and President Obama. What do you tell them about the Govt. shutdown? Can you convince them to move forward?
Write a story that starts with this line: "We were all a bit star-struck, and more than a little surprised, when..."

Free Write

Describe an event that is so surreal that you can't be sure if it's true or not the following day.

Dimmesdale has two different social roles that are in conflict with one another. He is a clergyman who is viewed as a sinless saint by the community and also a pathetic sinner in his own mind. How does this role conflict affect him? Think of a time in your life that you faced role conflict. How did this position affect you? How did you cope with this inner conflict?

If you wanted someone to tell you their secret; how would you get them to tell you?

Do you have a dark secret that you don't tell anyone? (Don't tell me what it is) How far would you go to keep a dark secret? Would you betray your family? Your friends? Your beliefs?

If you moved to a town where nobody knew who you were, and there was no chance they would ever find out, and you wanted to make up a pseudonym to go by; what would your new name be?  Why would you choose that name? What kind of person would you be?

Free Write

Voyager 1 (a spacecraft launched by NASA in 1978) has officially left the solar system! Among the scientific instruments it carries, it has a golden record that has various songs, voice recordings, and images recorded on it. This record was included because Voyager may never stop traveling, and may one day end up as our first contact with alien life. If you could have recorded anything on that record, what would it have been and why?

What would your Scarlet Letter be? What does it stand for? How would you feel if you had to wear it?

Imagine that you have just come home from being gone for a very long time. When you arrive, you find that your paramour has been cheating on you. Write out the scene as you confront your paramour with their infidelity. 

Today in history - tell me about something other than the 9/11 terrorist attacks that happened today in history.

The school authorities found out that you cheated on your significant other.  As punishment, you have to wear a large red "C" for the rest of your life. A school assembly has been called, so that you can be shown to the entire student body (K-12.) Describe your feelings as you walk from Mr.Stucky's room down to the Gym, where the students are gathering.

Brain Teaser:
You are standing at the edge of a canyon that you must cross. You have a ten foot ladder and as much rope as you want. The canyon is 40 feet deep and 30 feet across. How do you make it across? Be creative!

Does your family or community have a tradition that it holds dear? What traditions do you participate in? Do you think there are positives or negatives to these traditions? How would you go about changing a tradition that you disagree with?

While we read through The Scarlet Letter much of our class time will be spend in discussion. I will be grading you based on your participation, and the effectiveness of your contributions. What worries you about that process? What could go wrong? Do you think you would rather take a quiz over the reading? Why or why not?

Did you have a good weekend? What did you do? How would your weekend have been different if you had found $1000.00 on the ground?

What percentage of the decisions that affect your life are made by you? By others? Make a table that expresses who makes what percentage of the decisions that affect you. For example:
Myself: 25%
My Parents: 25%
Teachers: 25%
Government: 25% 
Explain why the percentages fall the way they do.

How difficult would it be for you to go into "seclusion," as prescribed by Emerson? What would seclusion look like for you? Where, specifically, would you go? How long could you last? What would you do to pass the time? 

Do you trust yourself? Why? Do you consider yourself to be a trusting person? If all of your decisions were completely up to you; what would you be doing right now?

 What are we doing? 

 Huck Finn Reading Schedule (Assume 1 chapter per day.)
    4/9/2014 - Ch. 7
    4/10/2014 - Ch. 8
    4/11/2014 - Ch. 9
    4/14/2014 - Ch. 10 - 11

Intro to Mark Twain.
Reading The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway

Check out this article about manliness in OMATS

Reading "To Build a Fire" by Jack London

From Romanticism to Realism...