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  • Social Media and Technology Information

We have added a link to an excellent resource on Social Networks and  Internet Safety.  Although our students think they are ready for the digital world, we find at school that they tend to share way too much information online.  We strive to make our students aware of the dangers associated with having a Facebook account, Cyberbullying, Identity Theft, etc.  


Please check out this resource for questions, answers, tutorials and interesting articles.  


  • 2016 App Blacklist and Why

Sites of Interest
Bedtime Math:  Quick & fun Math questions to do before bed.  This site encourages Math through fun activities for several different learning levels. Example: The Right Way to Eat Worms

If you are interested in plants and the process that takes place throughout the different seasons, then the Budburst Project is the site for you.  They have years of data collected on a variety of plants and the changes that occur.

Students are fascinated with the Human Body and how it works. This site has six animated, interactive layers of the human body for kids to explore as well as additional apps focusing on the body.

Rocket Science allows students to design and launch rockets into space to understand how rockets work. Rocket Science is an ipad app.

Another ipad app that lets students explore the solar system in both 2-D and 3-D. They can learn interesting facts about the planets, sun and moon.

NOAA has a game filled site about weather, water, safety preparedness and humpback whales, to name a few. If you are interested in any of these, this is the site for you.