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School Vehicle Responsibilities

Staff responsibilities when  using a school vehicle:

1.       If you use it, fill it with gas when you are done!!  This means if you use the vehicle to go 10 miles or 200 miles, fill it when you get back!!  Be considerate of the next person that will be driving it!

There are many options on where you can fill the vehicle;

a.       District office

b.      Rush In

c.       Max’s in Auburn

(If you purchase gas write the vehicle number on the ticket, number of gallons and sign it.  Bring the ticket to the district office)

2.       If hauling students fill out the green pre-trip sheet.

3.       Start a new mileage sheet at the beginning of every month.  Send prior month to Mary Hewes.

4.       Sign or print name legibly on mileage sheet.

5.       If you get the vehicle from the district office it is your responsibility to bring it back to the district office when you are done with it.  If you use a vehicle from the school put the keys back in the key box. 

6.       When you are done with the vehicle take your trash out of it.  If you spill something clean it up.  Be considerate of the next person that will be driving it!

7.       Fill out the mileage sheets that are in every vehicle.

8.       If you notice something not working or it doesn’t run right, contact Bill Logan.  If you put a dent or scratch in the vehicle, contact Bill Logan.  Accidents happen, so if you have an accident please let Bill know.  785/449-2297 ext. 5

9.       These easy to follow steps will be placed in every vehicle with the mileage sheets.

Please be considerate of the next person that will drive the vehicle and be part of the solution, not part of the problem.  If you are confused on the proper steps of using a school vehicle, ASK!