COVID‐19 is probably the most commonly used term in the United State and in many parts of the world. Over the past several months this virus has impacted millions around the world and since about the 2nd week of March began to impact our state at a local level. This impact has been felt by all to some degree and will continue to impact at the global, national, state, and local level. 

 On March 14th the order was issued by the Wabaunsee County Health Department to close all school buildings until March 30th. 

 On March 15th the Kansas State Department of Education “strongly recommended” that all schools in the state cease operations for 2‐ weeks with the intent to provide time to thoroughly clean/sanitize them during the first week and use the second week to develop a plan that would allow for continued education to occur with the goal to restart learning on March 30th. 

This plan is known as the Continuous Learning Plan (CLP) and using recommendations devised by the CLP Task Force, districts will create their own unique plan based off of the needs of students & families, and the capabilities and resources of the district. 

 On March 17th the Governor, through Executive Order #20‐07 issued the temporary closure of all school buildings and in‐person instruction until May 29th with some exceptions. 

 On March 20th the USD 330 Board of Education approved the closure of USD 330 Mission Valley schools, to include no instruction in small groups (<10), and only allow essential school business, facility/maintenance operations, and planning for continuous student learning by staff following the guidelines of the local and state health departments. The Board of Education also approved the continued payment of benefits and wages to all hourly employees, and approved that the required number of credits to graduate be reduced from (25) to the minimum state requirement of (21). For the remainder of the school year learning opportunities for students will come from the Continuous Learning Plan created by the school district using information gathered through district survey, and recommendations from the CLP Task Force. This is required to be approved by local school districts before being submitted to KSDE on or before April 8th, 2020. USD 330 will primarily utilize technology to assist with the delivery of education with students, as well as, the use of information packets for some classes. 

Through the Continuous Learning Plan and the delivery of learning to students the emphasis will be on relationships with our students and families and that we are providing opportunities to all students to continue their learning. This is not a one‐size‐fits‐all plan, but rather a plan that must support all populations of students while maintaining flexibility and the ability to be adapted to meet the needs of families. 

As part of addressing concerns around COVID‐19 and the impact that it has on children and families the district has created and will continue to operate a program to provide meals to children. This Grab‐n‐Go program allows us to provide free meals (breakfast & lunch) to any child (Ages 1 ‐18). The child does not need to be a USD 330 student. Meals are being prepared by MV Food Service staff and delivered to the distribution locations by a variety of Mission Valley staff members. Meal distribution will occur Monday‐Friday from 11 a.m. ‐ 12 p.m. at the following locations: 

 Dover Dover Community Center parking lot 

 Eskridge USD 330 District office parking lot 

 Harveyville Harveyville Methodist Church parking lot 

 Mission Valley Mission Valley Schools (south end of building) 

If you have not contacted us and would like to be part of this service you can email us at mvmeals@usd330.org or call the USD 330 District Office at 866‐557‐6686 or 785‐449‐2297. 

Even though COVID‐19 has had an extreme negative impact on the Mission Valley communities, as well as, other communities across the state, nation, and world it has also shed light on some good things as well. I have witnessed staff members come forward and demonstrate their leadership abilities, their creativity, and their ability to accept a challenge head‐on for the betterment of our students and families. I have had people across our Viking communities come out and extend a hand to help in whatever way they can. I have witnessed the great leadership that we have at KSDE, as well as, other educational agencies and service centers across the state assist schools with totally revamping education in a 2 ‐week window of time. There are countless stories of families helping families, communities working together to meet the needs of everyone, and the donation of time, resources, and money to help support those in need. In coaching athletics it was once said…”When something goes bad‐‐‐make something good happen!” While we all feel the struggles placed upon us by COVID‐19 we also have the ability to make something good happen from it. That “good” may be re‐establishing a relationship with 2 someone, by taking time to contact someone to make sure they are OK, by taking a little more time each day to spend with family, by offering support to a neighbor, or maybe just taking time and reflecting on what is truly important to us. 

Please contact Mission Valley Schools if you or anyone you know of needs additional support or resources. We have individuals who can assist with finding ways to get the necessary things that people might need. 


William J. Clark, Superintendent/Director of Special Services