At the October 2019 USD 330 Board of Education meeting, Senate Bill 109 Section 76 (Safe and Secure School Standards) was adopted. These nine standards were previously adopted by the State Board of Education to use as guidance in helping ensure the safety and security of Kansas schools. The standards focus on the infrastructure of school buildings, security technology, communication systems, and other systems or facilities for the safety and security of school buildings. The standards state that school districts shall: 

 Standard 1...safeguard that the infrastructure of school buildings and/or attendance centers operated by the districts; are safe and secure.  Standard 2….create or enhance security technology systems to be used in buildings, including but not limited to, security cameras, integrated exterior door locks, fire alarms, panic buttons or other intrusion detection systems. 

 Standard 3…..provide a communication system that allows information sharing between the school district, law enforcement and other first responders. 

 Standard 4…..create a procedure for notifying individuals not on school grounds during emergency situations. 

 Standard 5…..have in place an up‐to‐date school safety plan (crisis plan) that is approved by the local board of education. 

   Standard 6…..provide annual training for staff and students on how they should react in cases of emergency and specifically review the public portions of their school crisis plan. 

 Standard 7…..conduct crisis drills to ensure procedures are working effectively. 

 Standard 8 ...consult local law enforcement officials and other emergency management agencies to contribute, review and evaluate the current crisis plan. 

 Standard 9 ...implement a firearm safety program if the district chooses. A full explanation of the standards can be found at: ksde.org/Kansas‐Safe‐Schools 

Unfortunately, each day in Kansas and/or across the nation there is information about school threats and violence. Schools work hard putting plans in place on how to address and deal with these when they happen, however, the ultimate goal is to intervene and stop them even before they happen. The saying, “If you see something, say something,” is the easiest way that school violence can be prevented. Statistics indicate that most incidences of school violence are known by others before the incident even happens, however, many people are reluctant to report the information because they may not believe it will happen or are too scared to bring forth the information. Each of us has the responsibility for the safety and security of our school and it is important that we work to stop events before they happen. The Kansas Bureau of Investigation has put together a website kbi.ks.gov/sar where individuals can go to report suspicious activities that not only may involve the school but also suspicious activities that may be learned about in our communities. Prompt and detailed reporting of suspicious activity may prevent violent crimes or terrorist attacks. It is the responsibility of each of us to assist law enforcement in keeping our communities and schools safe by reporting suspicious behavior. What is a suspicious activity?‐‐Unusual activity does not always indicate that a crime is occurring. However, you know what is normal for your neighborhood and community. If behavior appears to be outside of the norm, or frightens you, let law enforcement know. Suspicious activities may include: 

 An expressed threat to commit a crime 

 Threats of violence, or a communicated or displayed intent to cause harm to another person or persons. 

 Threats against school, facilities, or events. 

 Surveillance of facilities or people 

 The discovery of a gathering of weapons, chemicals, explosives, or electronic devices. 

 Attempts to enter restricted areas, test security systems, or tamper with a secure site. 

 Signs of human trafficking indicating a person is not free to leave.  Signs of drug activity such as recurring, brief visits to and from a property To report an emergency or a crime in progress dial 911. To speak to someone directly about a crime or threat Call 1‐800‐KS‐Crime, or your local law enforcement. 

For issues involving the safety and security of the school feel free to also contact an administrator at 866‐557‐6686. 

Let’s do our part in helping to keep our schools and communities safe by remembering, 



William J. Clark, Superintendent/Director of Special Services