Important Dates:


May 14th ‐ Seniors get their check‐out form 

 May 15th ‐ Seniors’ Final Exams Day May 16th ‐ Seniors’ Last Day 

 Check out procedures. Turn in books, Chromebook, etc. 

  Pay all fees owed.

  Graduation practice 

  ½ day of school for Seniors that are graduating HS Prom Our prom is on Saturday, April 13th at MVHS. Prom is from 8:00 PM through 11:00 PM. 

7th ‐ 11th Graders’ Important Dates: 

May 10th ‐ 8th graders’ Worlds of Fun Trip 

 May 17th, 20th ‐ Final Exam Days 

 May 21st ‐ Last Day of School 

  Check out procedures. 

  Pay all fees owed. 

  Students turn in their Chromebook and AC charger 

  JH/HS students, with parent permission, may be dismissed early. Time will be announced. 

  Students may eat lunch at school and then leave with parent permission to the office. 

  Bus transportation will be provided