Dear Mission Valley Parents, Students, and Community, 


Helena Baur is an amazing young lady that has spent this school year with us at Mission Valley High School. She comes from the town of Bottenwil, Switzerland. Helena‚Äôs MV host family are Tim and Leslie Wines of Eskridge, Kansas. 

What are some of the differences between school at Mission Valley compared to your school in Switzerland?

 My school at home is really different than my school at here. In Switzerland, I already graduated from the obligated school. I chose to go on with school. My school at home has a week schedule and I can only choose one major everything else is mandatory. 

Where do you live in Switzerland? 

I live in the north in a canton called Aargau. I grew up in a really small town called Bottenwil. 

You are involved in many things at Mission Valley HS, what are they? 

I played volleyball in the fall and now I am a basketball manager. I also participate in the Viking Leader program and in scholars bowl. I am a member of the Astronomy Club too. 

What are some things you have enjoyed while in the United States, and why? 

I really enjoy making a lot of new memories with new friends here. I like spending time with my host family and doing different things with them, like for example camping or skiing. 

Where did you learn to speak English? 

I learned to speak English in my school. I had English lessons since 3rd grade. My family always really supported my learning English, so they helped me where they could. When I was done with school I chose to do a diploma in English and German, so now half of my classes are in English. 

What is your school in Switzerland like? What happens during a school day?

 We have to go to school by bus because I can't drive yet. Our school starts at different times every day but most of the time it starts at 7:20 a.m. We have a lot longer lunch period than here at Mission Valley. Our school days can last until 5:30 in the afternoon or end at 3:20, it really depends on the day. Classes are not that interactive as here, most of them are just lectures and every student has to take notes individually. Also, our classes are only 45 minutes long and not 50. We have more time between the different classes so that people can take breaks.