Wow! This school year went so fast. The staff at MVHS give their heartfelt appreciation to the parents and community members that gave their time and energies to helping their student, and other students, have a successful school year. Class of 2019 MVHS graduated all 38 students in the senior class. Outstanding! Best wishes to each of them.

The Valedictorian is Dalton Dayhoff, and the Salutatorian is Cameron McGann. 

The Kansas Scholars Curriculum Completers are Elizabeth Anderson, Brent Coats, Dalton Dayhoff, Caleb Hinck, Cameron McGann, PJ Meyers, Chase Parks, Hope Thomas, and Ethan Willsey. 

Music Instrumental Soloist at State Competition Congratulation to (L‐R Top Row) Beau Throckmorton, Ethan Willsey., (L‐R Bottom Row) Anthony White, and Dayton Area. Beau and Ethan got a 2‐Rating, with Dayton receiving a 1‐Rating Vocal Soloist at State Competition Congratulations to Tyler Coursen who received a 1‐Rating. The school’s Mixed Small Ensemble received a 2‐Rating. 

Student Grade Cards and Assessment Scores Students in the 7th ‐ 12th grades will receive their semester 2 grades in the mail in the coming weeks. This mailing will include any Kansas Assessment scores or MAP scores that your student took during the semester. Enrollment for the 2019‐2020 School Year 

Please check our social media posts (Facebook and Twitter) and our district website for our enrollment dates. Returning students can enroll online, but new students will need to come to the school to do this process. This year’s out‐of‐district students (that are returning), will need to submit an out‐of‐district request for the2019‐2020 school year. The form for this request is on our district website, the district office, or the school office.

6th thru 12th Grade ‐ Random Drug Testing Policy This policy will continue with the 2019‐20 school year. Students will be randomly selected near the start of the new school year for the first of several drug testing sessions for the 2019‐20 school year. At enrollment, parents will identify if their student will participate or not participate in this policy. Those students that do not participate in the policy are not allowed to participate or attend any extracurricular activities. This includes clubs, athletic teams, non‐athletic teams, dances, or school athletic events that are home or away. This policy gives our students an important reason to say “No” to illegal drug use when they are presented with a personal or peer‐pressured decision choice. We appreciate the 100% Opt‐In student participation we had this school year. GO VIKINGS! David Cromer, 9‐12 Principal