On behalf of the USD 330 Mission Valley Board of Education, our staff, and myself, I want to welcome everyone to the start of the 2019‐2020 school year. I also would like to extend a welcome to all new families, students, and staff who are joining the VIKING family. For almost half a decade, USD 330 Mission Valley has been the educational home to students in our communities. As superintendent, it is my pleasure to be part of a District that has a Board of Education devoted to continued growth and success, communities with strong core beliefs about education, a staff of devoted professionals, and students who continue to represent Mission Valley with the highest standards. 

With every new school year comes new opportunities to move forward and grow as a district. The Kansas State Department of Education continues to focus on their vision, Kansas Leads the World in the Success of each Student….“Kansans Can”. As part of this vision, Mission Valley recently successfully completed Year 2 of the Kansas Education System Accreditation (KESA) process and has started on the requirements for Year 3. To address the Kansans Can Vision, KESA, and the Mission Valley Strategic Plan, Mission Valley will continue to focus on Kindergarten readiness skills, Individual Plans of Study (IPS) for all students, increasing high school graduation rates, building stronger social and emotional skills in students, and improving postsecondary completion rates. Mission Valley is moving forward by expanding opportunities for students, purchasing new textbooks for students, updating technology and infrastructure, completing site improvements, etc.. By aligning goals, developing plans, and keeping communications open we will continue to move forward and provide the best education for our children. 

The successes that are achieved at Mission Valley are not just due to what happens inside the walls of the school but also the result of partnerships. These partnerships between the school and the parents and communities are key to student success. Partnerships result in maximizing resources and sharing ideas for the greater good. We strongly encourage parents to be actively involved in their child’s education. Positive parental involvement enhances the student’s school experiences and demonstrates a true feeling of support. Increased parental involvement causes increased attendance rates and decreased occurrences of discipline issues. Students with parents who have active involvement in the school often have higher self‐esteem and well developed social‐emotional skills. In addition, students whose parents are actively engaged in their education perform better in class which leads to an increase in future career success. We urge all parents to be actively involved in the education of their child from Kindergarten through graduation and beyond. 

In closing, students will be able to enroll electronically again this year either at home or at school. Fee payments will need to be made at the school this year, however, meal & milk payments can be made online. Parents of new students will be required to submit all required forms before the first day of school. On behalf of USD 330 Mission Valley, please accept my sincere appreciation for your continued support of our schools and our students. 

I look forward to continuing to work with you as your superintendent. 


William J. Clark, Superintendent/Director of Special Services