The state of Kansas is divided into 5 workforce areas.  The counties of Wabaunsee, Shawnee, Osage and Pottawatomie are located in Workforce Area II (or Heartland Works). Lyon County, however, is located in Workforce Area V (or Southeast KansasWORKS) as you can see in the map below. Each workforce area has workforce centers (identified on the map with stars and the names of the cities).

Workforce Area Map

These workforce centers are vital to the Kansas economy and are funded by the Department of Labor, Department of Commerce and other state and federal agencies.  Their sole purpose is to help prepare, connect, and assist Kansans to find suitable and gainful employment.

KansasWORKS is the state agency that regulates each one of the workforce areas and the workforce area boards. Below are links to KansasWORKS and each of the workforce areas:

The 5 Kansas Workforce Areas' Websites
Workforce Area I

Workforce Area II

Workforce Area III

Workforce Area IV

Workforce Area V