Viking Family,

 Prom: Prom is approaching the middle of this month on the 17th at Brownstone in Topeka. Parent-sponsored after-prom will be held at Westridge Lanes Bowling alley. Thank you so much for supporting our students in a safe atmosphere. 

Viking Hour Decatholon:  In order to create more excitement and fun as we wrap up our school year, we have created events for our Viking Hour classes to compete in during the 4th quarter. Small groups of students from 7th-12th grade classrooms will be competing in events ranging from designing paper airplanes, building puzzles, relays, lockboxes, and much more! Assessments 

State Assessments: Our students will be taking their Kansas State Assessments which include our 8th,10th, and11th grades as well as our Agriculture Pathway Completers. Our Spring MAPS assessments for math, science, and reading will be taken the final week of April or the 1st of May. This data helps drive our teacher’s instruction moving into the next school year as we try to better reach our entire student population. 

Excel (New Teaching Position): We will be sending out an informational letter about this position that was approved at the March BOE meeting. This new position will support our credit recovery program, ACT Prep, provide reading and math interventions for students needing extra help, and work with our general education teachers to increase support for all types of learners in our building. 

Finals: Once again this semester we will run a 2-day finals schedule. Those students with an A in a given class and are able to meet our attendance requirements for tardies and unexcused absence's will be eligible for finals exemptions. 

Kansas Teacher of the Year Nomination: Congratulations to Mrs. Kelly Hoeltig for being a finalist for the Kansas Teacher of the year! 

Enrollment in 2021-2022 Classes: Your students Viking Hour Teacher who is their academic advisor will be helping them build their schedule along with Mr. Hancock during April. Please talk to your student about their goals and areas of interest. Please contact Mr. Hancock and your student’s advisor with any questions.

“Intelligence plus character. That is the true goal of true Education.”--Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

Randy Wild, 9-12 Principal