Viking Family, 

Having been in school for a full month now, it seems that everyone is settling into their routines once again. The students have done a great job with our COVID related procedures throughout the school day. I have enjoyed the process of getting to know our student body, as we have a building full of great young men and women. 

I am extremely grateful for all of our teacher’s hard work and dedication in the classroom as we do our best to serve not only our students on-site but those working remotely as well. While this situation is not perfect for students or educators our staff is constantly striving to streamline this process for all those involved . 

It has been rewarding to watch our students compete, and participate in school sports, activities, clubs, and join student organizations once again. We feel that all of these opportunities are vital to the educational system and help mold our student body to more well-rounded adults. We want to encourage all students to find something they can get involved in, and if they can’t we ask them to bring a proposal to us to offer something that interests them. 

We are in the process of completing our MAPS assessments this fall. These assessments provide us with some valuable data on our student’s present levels of academic achievement. These assessments will be given twice each year in order to monitor our students and supply them with the necessary support to make their educational experience more fulfilling. 

During our Viking Hour, students will be working on Xello, which will help prepare them for college and career decisions. This tool is what we will use to drive the conversations at Parent-Teacher Conferences this month on October 21st-22nd from 4pm-8pm. 

We are working on providing students with multiple learning opportunities during Viking Hour as well. Students with low grades, missing assignments, or those that need to review lessons are able to get direct feedback from that specific teacher every day during Viking Hour. We want to hold students accountable in an effort to create more successful college students, community members, and future employees. 

Thank you for all of your support so far, and GO VIKINGS! 

Randy Wild -MVHS Principal

 *Please contact the office if you are not receiving text messages, emails, or other notifications. 

*We continue to follow all safety precautions (temp check and mask before getting on the bus, distance when possible, masks in building, etc). For more details, go to mv330.org and read the Back to School Playbook. 

*Students are not to be left at the school unattended to wait for an activity to start. Students must be appropriately supervised by an adult at all times while attending school activities that are after the school day. 

*Regularly check our website for district/school updates. www.mv330.org