Mission Valley Elementary celebrated Kindness week February 15-19. We had several activities planned to promote kindness through the building. 

Class Meetings: The students focused on kindness during their daily classroom meetings. Some of the questions I heard asked by teachers included “If you see a classmate sad, what could you do to change their mood?” or “What is a way someone has shown kindness to you?” 

Kindness in the Kitchen: Mrs. Bergin’s classes hosted each elementary class in the high school for a fun activity that involved a sweet treat. Extra bonus… teacher’s were given a bit of time to themselves to make up for all the indoor recess days they have had to endure! Thank you Mrs. Bergin and students! 

Random Acts of Kindness: Mrs. Masilionis invited staff to nominate students that showed a random act of kindness. Great way to show our kids how much we appreciate being kind! 

While we did focus a lot on kindness with our students, we also made sure our staff was shown kindness throughout the week through a “Kindness Kart” that served chocolate and pop, and jeans days. Amy Johnston, K‐6 Principal