As I reflect back on the 2020-2021 school year... 

I want our community and families to know that I felt your support. It wasn’t easy to have a year with changes regarding having you in our building, and I know it didn’t feel great to not be able to be present for birthdays, class parties, or visit for lunch. No matter your feelings on these situations, you were respectful. I know I’m not the only staff member looking forward to welcoming you back soon so you can see all the amazing things our students and staff are doing. 

I want our students to know that while we have had to make some changes this year for things like lunch, classroom desk arrangements, and temperature checks we did all of these for you. Our number one goal was to keep you safe. Our number two goal was to keep you in school so you could continue to learn and grow. You will never know the hours that staff spent thinking about ways to make your days as normal as possible. When things got hard, you were our focus. 

I want our staff to know how proud I am to be part of this Viking family. Each of you overcame struggles and fears to make this year possible. You stepped outside of your comfort zone and thought outside the box when challenges were presented. You supported each other when there were hard days and you showed up for our students. This year would not have been possible without each of you. It has been an honor to lead through this past year and have no doubt that we will be stronger because of the challenges we have overcome

Amy Johnston, K‐6 Principal