May 2020…….A time remembered with no formal graduation, no prom, no track, no softball, no baseball, no awards nights, no last day of school, or any of the other many things that this time gets remembered by. Although normal events may not occur there are still memories from the 2019-2020 school year. It is easy to think about all the things that “weren’t” but what about all the things that “were”.

We all have memories of the great things of the school year depending on who you are and what part(s) of the school you were involved with. Across the building we had academic growth, social-emotional growth, developmental growth, etc… We had students K-12 gain knowledge that will last them forever, we had students take on challenges and conquer them, we had students shine in extracurricular activities and demonstrate levels of achievements that we can forever be proud of. Yes, we missed out of many events and great times this Spring, but to move forward we can not focus on “what should have been” but rather what this year has taught us and what each of us needs to do to move forward to meet the challenges of the future. We do not need to prepare for what “was” but we need to prepare for “what will be”.

At this time we are unable to tell you what the 2020-2021 school year will look like, but I do know there will be a school year. I know that learning will occur and I know USD 330 Mission Valley will do our absolute best to meet the needs of our students, district and communities. I am very proud of our students for taking advantage of the continuous learning opportunities presented to them! I am very proud of our families for their sacrifices in making sure our students have opportunities to continue learning! I am proud of our staff for their continued dedication to provide learning opportunities for our students, as well as, making sure that meals are provided to those who need them, to maintain our facilities, and to make sure business operations continue!

I know that the Continuous Learning Plan was not perfect for everyone and that there were limitations. However, opportunities for students to learn were provided and like many things in life…….what you put into it is what you get out of it. The Continuous Learning Plan allowed us as a district to not only identify areas to improve on but also areas to learn from that were successful. USD 330 Mission Valley is now better prepared for the future and has learned new and different ideas of how to provide educational opportunities for our students, as well as ways to support families. We have plans to purchase additional technology to make sure that all students have access to devices whether they are at school or at home. We have purchased 180 additional Chromebooks and we will be purchasing additional Ipads. We are exploring educational platforms that will assist with making educational resources more available in the “home” and have learned about the need to find ways to increase access to the internet to the students and families in our district.

As Superintendent…….I can honestly say that I miss seeing the students each day and miss the opportunity to interact with them. We have some phenomenal students rather they are Seniors moving on to the next adventures in their lives or the Kindergarten students who are just beginning their public education careers.

Thanks again for ALL the wonderful support from our parents, patrons, families and as VIKINGS we will continue to be victorious against all challenges that we face. Thanks to ALL the students for all the great memories from the past and the memories that are awaiting us in the future. Thanks to ALL of our staff members for everything they have and continue to do to make Mission Valley such a special place.


William Clark, Superintendent/Special Services Director