Career and Technical Education (CTE)

CTE courses are offered within the Mission Valley curriculum. These classes are funded by the State of Kansas (see here: https://www.kansasregents.org/workforce_development/excel_in_career_technical_education_initiative_senate_bill_155).

These courses can be found at the high school, community college, technical college, and university level. CTE courses are free for the high school student, but in some cases there are fees that will have to be paid at a low cost (ex. CNA, CMA, etc.)  These courses DO count for high school credit if taken during the scheduled academic year dates for which school is in session.  These courses can only be taken while the student is enrolled at MVHS in order to have the tuition paid for in full.

These courses are a great way for students to achieve their Pathway Completer statuses within the Kansans Can Pathway or Individual Plan of Study areas, as well as their primary purpose of training the students to maximize their employment options to meet the ever increasing need of professionally/academically trained individuals to fill the many vocations within the state of Kansas and elsewhere.

Mission Valley High School's CTE Pathway programs can be found by going here.