Holiday Break The last day of school for the first semester will be December 17th. We will be on Holiday Break this year from December 18th-January 3rd. Classes will resume on January 4th.

Finals Information Finals will be held on December 15th-16th this year.

For students to be exempt from finals they need to meet the following criteria: 

Have an A in the class that a final is given in. 

Have had NO ISS or OSS. 

No more than 3 tardies. 

No grades of D or F in any classes. 

No unexcused absences for the semester. 

If your child meets these requirements and has all A’s they do not have to come to school on December 15th-16th if teachers have exempted them. 

The school will be open as usual but students only have to come for the hours in which they have a final exam to take unless they do not meet the above requirements. 

For example: if a student has more than 3 tardies or a D/F grade they will have to be at school all day.

Attendance Excused absences are those with a valid reason and that has been communicated to the school by a parent. Student illness or other medical conditions are the most common types of excused absence; other reasons include religious observances, medical appointments, and family emergencies. Unexcused absences, or truancy, occur when students miss school without a valid reason. Examples include deliberately skipping school as well as missing school for reasons deemed invalid by the school, such as oversleeping, haircuts, vacations, or missing the bus. Tardies, there is no such thing as an excused tardy without a doctor’s note. Life happens, alarms don’t go off, and cars break down which is why students get 3 free tardies before consequences happen.


Randy Wild, 9-12 Principal