Career Research and Readiness

There are many things an individual can do to prepare themselves for career readiness.  Just as it is with anything you plan on achieving, one has to gather the most information as possible in order to make the best decision on completing their  plan to achieve their goals.

Career Readiness and Research is a vital part of that process, because having an interest in a career is just not enough.  There are 4 aspects to Career Readiness and Research that should take place before making a decision:

  1. Do my interests in this area match my desire?

  2. Do I possess the necessary skills, abilities and knowledge to be successful in this career?

  3. Have I developed a plan that explains each step I need to accomplish in order to become employed in this career?

  4. Is the career viable and feasible: "Are these careers available and sustaining for the lifestyle I desire?" and "Can I perform the functions of the job in order to become successful?"

When you want to fix something, you bring forth your ability and tools to get the job done.  This is exactly what you need to do in order to secure the career of your choosing.  Below are some websites you can use to learn more about careers, their Knowledge/Skills/Abilities (KSAs), salary information, if the career is in demand and where, and what qualifications you will need in order to secure that career:

Kansas Department of Labor

Kansas Career Navegation Link

Career one stop link

My next move link

O net Online Link

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics link


Click on the picture below to take an interest inventory in which your scores will be directly related to thousands of careers through the and websites:

O net Interest Profiler