Viking Family Spring Time in Kansas is generally known as a time for severe storms which sometimes can cause significant damage. Although this Spring has been extremely quiet when it comes to severe weather, it definitely has not been a quiet Spring as all of us have and continue to face challenges created by the COVID‐19 storm. 

Just like when Mother Nature unleashes severe storms on us, we take precautions to ensure our safety, then clean up any messes made by the storms, and then get ready for the next round of storms. With the situation brought on by COVID‐19 our plan is the same as dealing with storms. We knew the COVID‐19 storm was heading our way so we did the best we could to prepare for it by creating the Continuous Learning Plan and making sure that food was still available to the children in our district. Now we are in the clean‐up phase and are moving to prepare our district for the start of the 2020‐2021 school year. It is our goal to educate students in the classrooms next school year to the maximum extent possible, however, we must have a plan ready if that is not possible. Developing that plan is the key focus as we move through the summer so that we can provide what is best for USD 330 Mission Valley when the new school year kicks off. 

At this point USD 330 Mission Valley facilities are still closed to any face‐to‐face instruction, student activities, and/or facility usage, with the exception of business and maintenance operations. At the next regular monthly board meeting the Board of Education will discuss whether or not to open school facilities up following all state and local guidelines. It is expected that as part of this discussion will also include setting a date for graduation ceremonies. The graduating seniors have indicated that they would like a “normal” graduation ceremony which I fully support, however, in order to have a “normal” graduation ceremony then limitations on “mass gatherings” will need to be lifted. 

I would like to thank all of our students, families, and staff for their hard work and dedication this school year. Many challenges were faced and many challenges were conquered. The challenges that we have faced caused stress and headaches, but at the same time taught us many lessons that will make us stronger in the future. I witnessed many people step forward by demonstrating leadership, creative thinking, and accepting the challenges head‐on to ensure the needs of our students were met to the best of their ability. Was the Continuous Learning Plan perfect?....”no”. Were there some that the plan worked better for than others?....“yes”. Were there things that looking back we would have done differently?...”yes”. Assessing strengths and weaknesses allows people, families, school districts, businesses, etc… the opportunity to adjust and become stronger for the future. To move forward we must take glances back at the past in order to learn……..but our focus and energy must be directed and dedicated to the future. 

GO VIKINGS‐‐‐To the future!!

William Clark, Superintendent/Special Services Director

Kansas Can