The writing of the May newsletter is always one that brings mixed emotions to me.  The May newsletter represents the end of another school year which allows me to reflect back on the year and think about all the great things that have happened, as well as the areas that need strengthened.  Although it is great to end a year it also means 3 months before seeing students and many staff again.  For some, working in the education field, just like other fields of work, is just a job but for many of us working in the education field is a passion and a devotion.   When the schools are empty during the summer it is almost a strange and eerie feeling as the “reasons” why we are working are not there.   The “reasons” why we do this are the students.

The students are the driving force behind the decisions that we make and the visions that we create for the future.   Those visions of the future are varied in time.   Some visions of the future are short…..maybe 1 day to 1 week, while other visions may be for 1 year, 2 years, 5 years, etc…   While others are far into the future, 20 years, 30 years, or more.  It is those visions of what Mission Valley will need far into the future which require us to think beyond what we currently know and envision what students will need a quarter of a century from now.  

As you may know, at the April 11th regular monthly meeting,  the USD 330 Board of Education voted and approved the adoption of a resolution authorizing the calling of a bond election for facility renovations and new construction.  The bond election will be held by mail-in ballot with the election date set for August 30, 2022.  

On the ballot will be two propositions, totalling $11.785 million, that registered voters of USD 330 Mission Valley will get the opportunity to vote on.  Proposition #1 is for $9,090,000 that will not require any increase to the current mill levy, while Proposition #2 is $2,695,000 and would require an additional 3.981 mills when added to Proposition #1.  Registered voters will be able to record their vote (Yes or No) on each of the following:

Proposition #1:  Shall Unified School District No. 330, Wabaunsee County, Kansas (Mission Valley), issue general obligation bonds in an amount not to exceed $9,090,000, to pay the costs to construct, furnish and equip: (a) a Career and Technical Education facility to include upgrades and an expansion to the agricultural education building; (b) improvements and renovations to the existing football and track facility, including a new field, track and stadium lights; (c) District wide security improvements; (d) improvements and renovations to the existing District educational facilities; and (e) all necessary improvements related thereto; all pursuant to the provisions of K.S.A. 10-101 et seq., K.S.A. 25-431 et seq., K.S.A. 25-2018(f), K.S.A. 72-5457, and K.S.A. 72-5458 et seq.?

Proposition #2:  Shall Unified School District No. 330, Wabaunsee County, Kansas (Mission Valley), issue general obligation bonds in an amount not to exceed $2,695,000, to pay the costs to construct, furnish and equip new fields and related facilities for baseball and softball, parking improvements, and all necessary improvements related thereto, including to existing District educational facilities; all pursuant to the provisions of K.S.A. 10-101 et seq., K.S.A. 25-431 et seq., K.S.A. 25-2018(f), K.S.A. 72-5457, and K.S.A. 72-5458 et seq.? 

With the adoption of the resolution an application to the Kansas State Board of Education has been submitted which will be reviewed for their approval at their May State BOE meeting.  As this process continues to move forward we will commence having additional meetings with our facility planning committee to: 1) organize the bond campaign, 2) put together information that will be made available to district stakeholders, and 3) design and plan the project with increased details.  

When asked why this bond project is being explored… short, for the future of the students of USD 330 Mission Valley so that they may have the opportunity to grow and expand with the resources that they will need 10, 20, 30 years down the road.  The impact of this project will touch the lives of students who are not even born yet.  In addition, since passing the last bond almost 20 years ago the USD 330 Mission Valley school district has utilized capital outlay funds to take care of the facilities in order to keep them in the best shape possible. This includes such things as: 

*HVAC service and preventive maintenance 

*Basic remodeling of some of the older areas which includes replacing walls that were installed in the early 80’s when the building was moving from an open classroom style to a closed classroom style. 

Upgrading ductwork from fiber ductwork to metal ductwork General roof repairs and upkeep 

Parking lot sealing every 3-5 years with resurfacing approximately every 7-10 years Upgrading lighting to LED in approximately 50% of the building 

*Scheduled painting projects 

*Obtaining a $700,000 QZAB 0% interest bond to replace multiple aging rooftop units, installing a new Power Control Panel box, and merging to separate HVAC control systems to one system 

Installation of all-weather playground area for lower elementary students Installation of secure entrance at the Elementary 

*$250,000 for security cameras, mag lock doors, FOB entry system 

*New fire alarm panel 

*Fan pavilion at football field, can also be used by students during the day as an outside classroom area 

*Other various smaller facility projects to maintain current facilities.

*Additional annual capital outlay expenditures include purchasing of vehicles and salaries related to custodial & maintenance. 

As our facilities grow older the amount of dollars needed for general maintenance and repairs grow as well. As this cost grows, it places a strain on the current capital outlay budget. Over the past several years some of the larger projects (HS science room upgrades, FACS & Business upgrades, track facility, softball & baseball facilities, etc..) have been examined and cost estimates obtained. The cost estimates showed that to do these projects would deplete our capital outlay budget down to a concerning amount. In order to complete these projects in a manner that allows for the capital outlay budget to  be maintained at an appropriate level, the board has chosen to move forward with the bond proposal. 

The USD 330 Board of Education understands the impact that a bond issue can have on the district tax payers.  It was the goal of the facility planning committee and the Board of Education to keep the addition of any additional mills at a minimum while still meeting the goals for facility improvements.  The concern about any additional needed mill levy was the reason why it was decided to give the voters two propositions to vote on.  If both, Proposition #1 & #2 are approved by the voters, then there will be an increase of 3.081 mills.   What will be the impact to local taxes on 3.081 mills?


House Value Yearly Increase Monthly Increase Daily Increase

$50,000 $17.72 $1.48 $0.05

$75,000 $26.57 $2.21 $0.07

$100,000 $35.43 $2.95 $0.10

$150,000 $53.15 $4.43 $0.15

$200,000 $70.86 $5.91 $0.19


Property Value Yearly Increase Monthly Increase Daily Increase

$50,000 $38.51 $3.21 $0.11

$75,000 $57.77 $4.81 $0.16

$100,000 $77.02 $6.42 $0.21

$150,000 $115.54 $9.63 $0.32

$200,000 $154.05 $12.84 $0.42




Property Value Yearly Increase Monthly Increase Annual Increase/Acre

Dry Crop Land       $62.11           $0.39 $5.18

(160 Acres)

(Mdn Value = $460/acre)


Grassland       $10.06           $0.06 $0.84

(160 Acres)

(Mdn Value = $68/acre)



Currently, the Bond & Interest mill levy for the district is 11.169 with the Total mill levy at 58.475.  Since 2014-2015 the district’s total mill levy has been reduced 2.939 mills from 61.414. An increase of 3.081 mills would bring the new mill levy to 61.556 which is 0.142 mills higher than the rate in 2014-2015.  For a home owner of a $200,000 house an increase of 0.142 mills would equal slightly more than $7.00/yr or roughly $0.02/day.  Living in Kansas we know the impact that paying taxes has on all of our pocket books, no matter if you are a homeowner, business owner, or farmer/rancher we all share the burden of paying taxes to have quality facilities for the youth of today and the future.


As mentioned previously, there will be multiple informational meetings between now and August 30th where patrons of the district will have the opportunity to listen and ask questions pertaining to this facility project.  Information will also be made available on the district’s website, through social media, newsletters, etc…  If you have any questions or comments concerning this project please feel free to contact me by phone at 866-557-6686, by email at, or by mail at USD 330 District Office, 511 East 2nd, PO Box 158, Eskridge, KS 66423.


USD 330 Mission Valley wants to wish all Viking students, staff, parents, and patrons a fantastic end of the year and we hope everyone has a wonderful summer.


William J. Clark, Superintendent/Director of Special Services