Procedure and Request Form for Out-of-District Students


New Students (first time) Requesting Admission:

Formal parent letter requesting their children to enroll as a first time out-of-district student. Students' names, addresses, and gradelevels will need to be included and submitted to the superintendent of schools prior to September 20th.

Superintendent of schools will inform the building principal of the request and a background check will be completed by the principal. After corresponding with the superintendent a decision will be made.

The superintendent will send a letter to parents informing them of the decision.

Returning (have been attending current year) Students:

Principal’s intent to reject (discussed with a superintendent / decision made prior to May 1st).

Principal’s rejection letter stating reasons mailed to parents by May 1st. Copy submitted to superintendent same date

Parents wishing to continue their children’s attendance at Mission Valley Schools will need to submit a letter (annually) requestingthe same, to the superintendent of schools by July 1st.

The superintendent will send an approval letter to parents.

Request Form